We’ve combined our own neurodata sentiment tools with IBM Watson technology, which allows us to better understand the way people feel about a brand and how to best affect those emotions. At Centiment, we view emotion as data too.

Billee Howard, Chief Strategy Officer, Centiment

Business Challenge

Companies need a much richer emotional context to truly understand customers and earn their loyalty. That’s why Centiment.io Inc. built a solution designed to remove bias from marketing and advertising, helping brands and agencies see consumers not as stereotypes but as human beings with multiple dimensions. Centiment goes beyond sentiment analysis by combining AI with neurodata, providing rich fodder for storytelling that resonates with an audience to generate revenue.


Centiment uses IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding and IBM Watson Personality Insights services to complement its own algorithms in a solution that analyzes social sentiment on any given topic around the web.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson