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As a government agency, you are witnessing the digital transformation of government services. Driving the transformation is new focus on users and outcomes, the effective and innovative reuse of high value data and processes, and adoption of emerging AI technology.

Developed specifically for government, IBM’s Social Program Management solutions combine domain-specific business processes, data models and rules with a flexible, open architecture for application modernization, allowing agencies to deliver public services that are adaptable, affordable and sustainable.


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Provides a commercial-off-the-shelf enterprise solutions designed specifically for the needs of health and human services.

Accelerated value

Accelerated value

Supports accelerated time to value with prebuilt, domain-specific business processes, data models, and rules, and an open API platform.



Deploys on the cloud or on premises. Incrementally replace existing systems, module-by-module or program-by-program, depending on agency needs.



Used by agencies across the globe to provide secure, compliant and scalable solutions which incorporate global government standards and best practice.


Child Welfare

Transform child welfare service delivery and help improve safety and outcomes.

Universal Access

Build personalized, citizen-centric digital services with outstanding user experience.

Integrated Eligibility

Integrated Eligibility

Provide eligibility screening, full eligibility and entitlement determination and outcome management.

Employment & Disability Management

Support organizations delivering individual care, rehabilitation and income support.

Success stories

Clark County Nevada Department of Social Services

Increases operational insight and control for organizations.

New York City 

Transforms the engagement process - now millions of New Yorkers, can access services online anytime, anywhere. 

City of Hamburg

Improves the speed and efficiency of dealing with allegations of child abuse/neglect.

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