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An illustration of IBM's NS1 product and its highly distributed network infrastructure of various ISPs that delivers applications globally

IBM® NS1 Connect is a managed service for authoritative DNS and traffic steering that improves application performance and network resilience.  

Revenue-generating applications require authoritative DNS resolution to keep critical applications and websites online. Unless your DNS infrastructure is always-on and resilient, network reliability and user experience will suffer.

IBM NS1 Connect provides fast, secure connections to users anywhere in the world with premium DNS and advanced, customizable traffic steering. NS1 Connect’s always-on, API-first architecture enables your IT teams to more efficiently monitor networks, deploy changes and conduct routine maintenance.

For enterprises looking to further optimize DNS performance, IBM NS1 Connect offers rich DNS data analytics to streamline the identification of the root cause of anomalies within traffic.

Reimagining GSLB with DNS and RUM Data
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Benefits Improve reliability and resilience

Keep users reliably connected and revenue flowing with a 100% uptime SLA, constant monitoring and redundant protections against service deprecation.

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Optimize network performance

Advanced, customizable traffic steering capabilities ensure you can deliver applications, services and content with the performance your users expect. 

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Streamline DNS management

Spend more time on higher-value work by automating both simple and complex DNS configuration tasks through NS1 Connect’s API and preconfigured integrations.

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Features Global anycast DNS network

Enjoy fast connections to consumers around the globe through an anycast network with 26 points of presence (PoPs).

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100% uptime SLA on DNS resolution

Maximize uptime and revenue generation with resilient, always-on, authoritative DNS.

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API-first architecture

Integrate and automate workflows with NS1 Connect's well-documented API.


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Real-time user monitoring-based traffic steering

Use real-time intelligence on network performance and availability to direct DNS connections to the best available application resource.

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Built-in resilience

Add a single-tenant, redundant DNS layer and manage it from the same portal as your primary DNS.

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Managed DNS for China

Improve performance for the Chinese mainland by segmenting traffic with NS1 Connect’s Managed DNS for China.

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DNS insights

Get a better understanding of DNS traffic patterns by mining your DNS data to identify security issues, misconfigurations and performance issues.

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DDoS protection

Cap your query-based spending with protection against unexpected surges in traffic from distributed denial-of-service attacks.

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Uptime monitor

Quickly identify issues and automatically adjust DNS traffic steering configurations with native health check alerts.

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DevOps tool integrations

Preconfigured integrations with leading DevOps tools including Ansible and Terraform to help automate routine maintenance, manage data sources and feeds.

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Use cases

Guard against outages Guard against network outages and data loss with resilient, redundant network services and customizable traffic steering capabilities to provide fast, secure network connections to your customers anywhere in the world. Explore use case

Optimize application performance Rely on customizable, easily configurable traffic steering capabilities to optimize application performance based upon your specifications—whether that’s cost, end-user performance, reliability or all three. Explore use case

Quickly identify issues See relevant DNS data in real time, giving you the information you need to close security vulnerabilities and improve application performance. Reports are curated and customizable, so you only see the metrics that matter to your business. Explore use case

Optimize load balancing Get end-to-end visibility and resilient connections by leveraging real-time device performance data with NS1 Connect’s SaaS-based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution. Now you can easily optimize application availability and performance. Explore use case

Case study
Basis Technologies Filter Chain technology decreases latency by 30% for billions of daily transactions Basis Technologies provides programmatic advertising and media automation software. Its high-scale, real-time bidding platform serves hundreds of billions of requests per day at ultra-low latency. Basis worked with IBM® NS1 Connect to implement accurate geolocated traffic management, realizing gains in performance, speed, and reliability.  Read the case study
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How to buy

IBM NS1 Connect is offered through a variety of pricing plans, from free accounts to large enterprise packages.

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Free developer account

The NS1 Connect free developer account showcases IBM's authoritative DNS capabilities, enabling users to start using it in minutes. Although traffic scale is limited, the full API is available for unlimited usage. Use it in production as a primary or secondary solution.

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Essentials on IBM.com

Scaled for growing businesses, our Essentials plan gives you the features you need to ensure fast, reliable connections to end-users. Available for purchase on IBM.com.

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Essentials on AWS

Scaled for growing businesses, our Essentials plan gives you the features you need to ensure fast, reliable connections to end-users. Available for purchase on AWS.

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NS1 Connect Premium is for businesses needing scalable authoritative DNS. Pricing is based on query volume and DNS records. Additional services are also priced through query volume. Enterprise plans offer customizable support and professional services.