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IBM Instana is the only real-time full-stack observability solution: zero sample tracing

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Announcing Instana Intelligent Remediation

A new feature that enables your IT teams to enhance application performance, and pre-emptively resolve issues, before they have a chance to impact customers.

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IBM Instana Observability - automation, context and intelligent action all in one platform

Instana offers more than traditional APM solutions. It provides automated observability with AI and the ability to democratize observability, making it accessible to anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development. 

  • Instana gives you 1-second granularity, which helps you quickly detect problems or transactions 
  • Additionally, you get 100% traces that allow you to fix issues easily 
  • Instana contextualizes data from all sources, including OpenTelemetry, to provide the insights needed to keep up with the pace of change

Instana gives you the data you want, with the context you need, to take intelligent action.  

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Balance application performance and technology spend with AI powered capabilities

Learn how IBM® Instana® integrates seamlessly with OpenTelemetry

Trusted by small, medium and large organizations to drive results Download: TEI Report 70%

Reduced mean time to repair by 70%.


Reduced the developer time spent troubleshooting by 90%.


Reduced revenue-impacting incidents by up to 60%.

Key use cases

Cloud monitoring Gain complete visibility across AWS EC2, Azure VMs and GCP Compute Engines with Instana's monitoring, empowering proactive performance optimization. Learn more

Digital monitoring Monitor and optimize user experience across endpoints with digital experience monitoring tools built for cloud-native. Learn more

Cloud migration Move to the cloud with confidence using Instana's AI-powered observability solution, designed to cover both AWS and hybrid cloud environments. Learn more

Application performance monitoring Prevent and fix issues quickly with automated real-time observability that puts performance data into context to deliver rapid identification. Learn more

The Instana difference Highest fidelity data in application context

Instana collects high-fidelity data in real-time with no gaps, giving you accurate reporting and analytics, shortening reaction time, and enhancing business capabilities.

Ubiquitous automation

Instana uses automation in every part of the platform from instrumentation to discovery, from mapping and grouping all the way to visualizing data, analytics and troubleshooting.  

Intelligent actions

High-fidelity data paired with GenAI models and ML allow for accurate and timely recommendations for mitigation actions and automatically remediate issues to avoid visibility gaps.

Predictable and transparent pricing

Pricing is simple, predictable and based on the number of hosts (physical or virtual) being monitored. Users, value-added functionality, applications, services and traces are not charged additional. Thus, teams can use the platform without worrying about surprise charges.

IBM Instana wins top awards on G2, CRN and TrustRadius
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