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IBM Instana's fully automated real-time observability platform puts performance data in context to deliver rapid identification to help prevent and remediate issues.

With today’s highly dynamic and complex cloud environments, the average cost of an hour of downtime can reach six figures and beyond1. Traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools simply aren’t fast enough to keep up or thorough enough to contextualize the issues identified. Also, they are typically limited to super users who must complete months of training to learn.

IBM Instana Observability goes beyond traditional APM solutions by democratizing observability so anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development can get the data they want with the context they need. Instana automatically delivers continuous high-fidelity data at 1-second granularity and end-to-end traces with the context of logical and physical dependencies across mobile, web, applications and infrastructure.

Learn how Instana can reduce troubleshooting time by 90%
Benefits Accelerated innovation 

Improve the overall speed and flow of DevOps pipelines through automation to better understand your environment and speed up innovation.

Automation-optimized operations

Mitigate user impact by predicting and resolving issues proactively with AI-powered solutions for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Better customer experiences

Increase conversion rates and revenue by gaining a comprehensive understanding of every customer interaction and optimizing them to deliver exceptional experiences.

Democratized observability

Not limited to a select set of power users, Instana gives anyone across DevOps, SRE, platform engineering, ITOps and development the data they want with the context they need.

Full-stack observability

A single, lightweight agent per host discovers all components and deploys sensors crafted to continuously monitor application performance, microservices, Kubernetes, databases, APIs, serverless and containers in real time with no sampling. Dashboards and visualizations contextualize interactions among all resources, while actionable insights help you take immediate action.

Automation and intelligence

Instana automatically discovers and maps all services, ingests observability metrics, traces each request, profiles every process and maps all application dependencies. It even captures and isolates browser and mobile application errors, including JavaScript.


Threshold-based smart alerts, automatic detection and correlation of events, issues and service incidents and automatic identification of each incident’s likely root cause result in the fastest mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Digital experience

Mobile app and website monitoring offers a unified data source for gaining a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and promptly resolving any frontend issues. This streamlined approach ensures maximum efficiency in troubleshooting problems.

Explore mobile app monitoring Explore website monitoring

300+ supported technologies

Instana integrates with other monitoring tools, such as log management and network
monitoring tools like IBM® Turbonomic®, to provide a comprehensive view of application
performance across the entire IT infrastructure with no plug-ins or application restarts.

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How customers use Instana

Cloud migration Move to cloud with speed and confidence, while minimizing the disruption and uncertainty common in most cloud migrations. Explore cloud migration

Cloud monitoring Monitor the health and performance of your hybrid cloud ecosystem to make the most of your cloud migration investment. Explore cloud monitoring
OpenTelemetry OpenTelemetry integration with Instana provides a first-class source of data collection that delivers a unified view of telemetry data across your entire stack. Explore OpenTelemetry

Shift-left testing Shift-left testing with Instana infuses the CI/CD process with automation, context and actionable intelligence to help deliver better software faster. Explore shift-left testing

Digital experience monitoring Monitor and optimize user experience across endpoints with digital experience monitoring tools built for cloud-native. Explore digital experience monitoring

Single pane of glass monitoring Gain a comprehensive, centralized view of the health and performance of your entire IT ecosystem in a single dashboard. Explore single pane of glass monitoring

IBM Instana wins top awards on G2, CRN and TrustRadius
Case studies Achieving real-time visibility

Learn how Instana helped Enento identify bugs much faster, lower existing latency and provide real-time visibility into every service request (with no sampling).

Optimizing uptime with Instana

Facilitating over two billion file transfers per year for customers, learn how Exavault was able to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 56% with Instana.

Connecting employers to employees

Recruiting firm Pathmotion eliminated 10% of its virtual machines to maintain peak production performance and uptime, improving their employee and customer experience.

Finding unidentified inefficiencies

For Rebendo, a developer of performance management solutions, integrating with Instana gave customers real-time monitoring of app processes to promote smoother operations.

Improving patient outcomes

With Instana, Mayden optimizes the performance, reliability and security of its application that helps deliver mental health services to more than 5 million patients in the UK.

Stopping latency in its tracks

See how Dealerware removed bottlenecks to decrease contract delivery latency from 10 minutes down to seconds with its new contactless delivery experience.

Instana really fits in that sweet spot ... It’s not as expensive as the alternatives, but you’re getting a lot more back from it. So you’re able get a high value proposition out of it. Ed McLain Principal System Architect Daxko Read the case study
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Simple, transparent pricing allows your organization to easily expand adoption as your
needs grow—without any surprises.

Application performance management Starting at USD 75

Includes infrastructure quality monitoring and adds the ability to observe any application, service or request

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Infrastructure quality management                              Starting at USD 20

Allows you to monitor the performance of your infrastructure

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Real-time application service maps


Distributed tracing of every request


Code-level visibility (14 languages)


Continuous production profiling



USD 75 per host/per month

USD 20 per host/per month

Self-hosted (On prem or cloud)

USD 101 per host/per month

USD 27 per host/per month

Training & resources The Enterprise Guide to Observability

As your business and the systems that power it grow in size and complexity, put yourself in a position to know how everything is performing - everywhere, all at once.

Watch how a combination of observable IT components, machine learning and AI make it possible to recognize brewing problems before they are reported as incidents.

From traditional APM to enterprise observability

Understand why the next wave of application performance monitoring (APM) is observability, what it involves and what makes it different from APM as you know it.

IBM Instana Observability on AWS

Learn how to gain precise insight and a deeper understanding of your entire AWS Cloud technology estate with IBM Instana Observability.

Instana versus New Relic

You’ve relied on New Relic application monitoring but managing cloud-native applications requires a different approach.

IBM Community

Welcome to the IBM TechXchange Instana Community, a place to collaborate, share knowledge, & support one another in everyday challenges.

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IBM Instana Observability gives everyone across the enterprise user-friendly access to the data they want with the context they need to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.
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