Manage and protect your organization's endpoints

Transform how IT protects laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) while ensuring a great user experience. IBM Security® MaaS360® with Watson® protects devices, apps, content and data so you can rapidly scale your remote workforce and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives, helping you build a zero trust strategy with modern device management. And with Watson, you can take advantage of contextual analytics from artificial intelligence (AI) for actionable insights.

What is Unified Endpoint Management?

What is UEM (Unified Endpoint Management)? (04:20)


183% increase in return on investment1


10+ million devices managed

2 min

2 minute average setup time


Manage your remote workforce

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Manage and protect your remote workforce in minutes with rapid deployment across leading devices and operating systems.

Move from trial to product with ease

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Simply upgrade to the paid edition to begin using the full product. Your device enrollments and settings will be maintained. If you need help, our product support team is available 24x7.

Use existing technology

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Integrate MaaS360 with your existing technologies and use its built-in endpoint security to keep your total cost of ownership where you want it.


Endpoint convergence

Easily scale and integrate with existing infrastructure and investments: laptops, desktops, mobile devices, wearables, IoT and ruggedized devices.

Protect information

Support a safer way to access, create, edit and sync business documents on mobile devices.

Threat management

Enable enterprise-grade threat defense to detect threats and automate remediation across your users, devices, apps, data and network.

Protect access

Grant protected access to company resources, without a VPN and from any mobile device.

AI capabilities

Get the only UEM platform with Watson AI to deliver contextually relevant and actionable security insights across your enterprise.

Identity management

Integrate frictionless identity and access management with UEM.

How it's used


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Automate your digital transformation and align endpoint management and security capabilities to your infrastructure vision and strategy. As one of the UEM market leaders, MaaS360 easily integrates with your existing technologies and uses AI to provide insights and analytics.


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Manage and protect your endpoints, data, applications and users with MaaS360, a UEM market leader. Its native threat management features, as well as SSO, MFA and patch management, allow your employees to use corporate devices or BYOD from any location.

IT Manager

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IT Manager

Device management doesn’t have to be complicated. IT teams no longer need to manage and secure mobile devices from separate platforms. MaaS360 enables you to manage endpoints from a single console for secure access and reduced risk while creating a frictionless user experience.

IT/Security Administrator

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IT/Security Administrator

Enroll devices, users and applications and set up security policies in no time with MaaS360's user-friendly SaaS platform. MaaS360 provides management and security for all major operating systems, including Apple iOS and macOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows.

Frontline workers

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Frontline workers

Create a frictionless experience for the frontline workers to use their devices in a protected way. MaaS360 manages and protects purpose-built devices, non-GMS or Android Open Source Project (AOSP) devices from the same console as your other endpoints.

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