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What is IBM Db2?

IBM® Db2® is the cloud-native database built to power low-latency transactions and real-time analytics at scale. It provides a single engine for DBAs, enterprise architects and developers to keep critical applications running, store and query anything, and power faster decision-making and innovation across your organization. Built on decades of innovation in data security, scalability and availability, you can use Db2 to keep your applications and analytics protected, highly performant and resilient, anywhere.


Set up, operate, and scale a Db2 database on Amazon RDS in just a few clicks

Introducing Amazon RDS for Db2


Scale AI workloads with IBM Db2 and IBM®™

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Why IBM Db2 400% Highly resilient, scalable applications  

Approximately 400% more users are supported with IBM Db2 pureScale® to run Puma’s 24x7 mission-critical operations.2

USD 1M Price-performance at scale  

Cost savings of more than USD 1 million for Owens-Illinois when migrating from Oracle to Db2.3

90% Real-time decisions       

Marriott International's analytics on 140 million Marriott Bonvoy members resulted in 90% faster performance.4

Benefits of Db2 Modernize mission-critical apps  

Run mission-critical applications with continuous availability, built-in refined security and effortless scalability, anywhere.

Scale analytics and AI across the enterprise

Share data in open formats and natively integrate with lakehouse for a single view of your analytics and AI estate.

Build cloud-native apps

Start powering your data-intensive apps and services with a cloud-native database built for high concurrency, flexible scaling and fast insights.

Secure and govern your data

Use the built-in encryption, access controls, data masking and additional features of Db2 to protect your most sensitive data whether it's located in the cloud, hybrid environments or on premises.

Power operational analytics and BI

Empower real-time decision-making and perform operational analysis and business intelligence with fast ingest, in-database analytics and in-memory data processing.

Simplify your data ecosystem

Reduce costs and complexity with a single, cloud-native engine built for mixed OLTP and OLAP workloads and tight integration with your data lake or lakehouse for AI.

Built for all your workloads
IBM Db2 database No matter the volume or complexity of your transactions, Db2 is the database built to perform. Now available on Amazon RDS. Explore IBM Db2 database

IBM Db2 Warehouse With IBM® Db2® Warehouse you can run mission-critical analytics workloads cost-effectively and responsibly across all types of data. Integrate with to scale AI workloads, anywhere.  Explore IBM Db2 Warehouse

IBM Db2 tools

IBM Db2 database management and developer tools make it easy to optimize and scale your workloads.

Explore IBM Db2 tools

IBM Db2 Big SQL allows you to query data across cloud data lakes and Hadoop with a high-performance, massively parallel SQL engine built with advanced multimodal and multicloud capabilities.

Explore IBM Db2 Big SQL
Anywhere deployment You need a database you can deploy in the cloud of your choice, on premises and in a hybrid environment. Deploy a unified enterprise data platform that runs anywhere with Db2. Read more Cloud-managed service

Deploy Db2 as a fully managed, SLA-backed service on IBM Cloud® and Amazon Web Services including RDS. Take advantage of on-demand scaling, continuous updates and consumption-based billing in the cloud. 

Cloud-managed container

Deploy Db2 as a container on cloud-managed Red Hat® OpenShift® or Kubernetes services on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and integrate Db2 into your cloud solution. 

Self-managed infrastructure or IaaS

Deploy Db2 as a traditional installation on top of on-premises infrastructure or cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service and get control of your Db2 deployment.

Industry solutions
Financial services

Ingest, transform and analyze billions of transactions a day to power core operations.

Read State Bank of India report
Public sector

Modernize applications with a highly secure, available and resilient hybrid database.

American University of Cairo improves the university experience

Protect health information and improve healthcare outcomes with unified analytical data for patient insights.

Support personalized content and cost-effective media campaigns while protecting consumer data.


Optimize inventory and supply chain operations with predictive analytics, high availability and cloud-native applications.

Read the blog post
Retail and eCommerce

Enable real-time insights across billions of omnichannel touchpoints and optimize customer experiences.

Read the case study
Travel and Transportation

Improve ride service by real-time prediction and streamline customer experience using AI solution.

Read the case study
Our clients Owens-Illinois

Owens-Illinois migrated their worldwide database infrastructure to Db2 to reduce costs, reduce storage footprint and improve transaction speed.

Watch the Owens-Illinois video (02:53)
State Bank of India 

State Bank of India used IBM® Cognos® Analytics, IBM® SPSS® Statistics and IBM Db2 to deliver a more streamlined customer experience and developed more targeted service offerings, including more than 10 million cardless ATM withdrawals.

Read the SBI case study

Puma deployed IBM Db2 pureScale to ensure its database environment would have the power and scalability to process rising transaction loads.

Read the Puma case study
Awards and reviews
IBM Db2 recognized for G2 and TrustRadius awards IBM Db2 is a leader in the G2 Summer 2023 Grid Report for data warehousing and top rated on TrustRadius for relational databases, DBaaS, data warehousing and cloud data warehousing. 

Resources Forrester Total Economic Impact for IBM Data Management

See how Db2 is helping IBM drive a 241% ROI in Forrester’s 2022 Total Economic Impact report for Data Management.

Speed load time

Learn about 1.5 times improved load time and other enhancements in Db2 11.5.8 cloud-first.

The hidden history of Db2

Learn how a database theory turned into the Db2 database running billions of transactions a day.

Data management strategy trends

See how Db2 plays an essential role in the 7 trends that will impact your data management strategy.

Db2 Warehouse tech preview

Reduce costs and improve performance of workloads with the next generation of Db2 Warehouse tech preview.

The new Db2

Get a look at new cloud database offerings with AWS and IBM Db2.

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Use the industry’s only open data store optimized for all governed data, analytics and AI workloads across the hybrid cloud.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Embed governance into your AI systems to provide more transparency, in turn enabling data teams to safeguard against bias.

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1  IDC Amazon Relational Database Service Delivers Enhanced Database Performance at Lower Cost.

2 Statistic provided by Puma to IBM, externally referenced supporting 300-400% more users by enabling Db2 with Db2 pureScale compared to previously running Db2 without pureScale.

3 Statistic provided by Owens-Illinois to IBM, externally referenced cost savings of more than USD 1 million for Owens-Illinois when migrating from Oracle to Db2.

4 Statistic provided by Marriott International to IBM, referenced faster performance for Marriott International's analytics on more than 140 million Marriott Bonvoy members.