SPSS Statistics Subscription has a sleek new interface - learn more about it here.

SPSS Statistics Subscription has a sleek new interface - learn more about it here. Learn more

Propel research & analysis with a fast and powerful solution

A comprehensive set of statistical tools

Work inside a single, integrated interface to run descriptive statistics, regression, advanced statistics and many more. Create publication ready charts, tables, and decision trees in one tool.

Integration with Open Source

Enhance the SPSS Syntax with R and Python through specialized extensions. Leverage the 130+ extensions available on our Extension Hub, or build your own and share with your peers to create a customized solution.

Easy statistical analysis

Use a simple drag and drop interface to access a wide range of capabilities and work across multiple data sources. Plus, flexible deployment options make purchasing and managing your software easy.

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SPSS Statistics Version 25

A one-time purchase, with flexible licensing options and support for SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics Subscription

The easiest way to buy, setup, and manage SPSS Statistics, without the need for licensing keys

What's new in SPSS Statistics Subscription and Version 25

New and Advanced Statistics

New and Advanced Statistics

Random effects solution results (GENLINMIXED), robust standard errors (GLM/UNIANOVA), and profile plots with error bars within the Advanced Statistics and Custom Tables add-on; also new Bayesian Statistics capabilities, a method of statistical inference.

Publication Ready Charts

Publication Ready Charts

Powerful new charting capabilities, including new default templates and the ability to share effortlessly with Microsoft Office applications.

Convenient Subscription Model

Convenient Subscription Model

The new, easy way to buy, manage, download and license SPSS Statistics. In-product updates ensure you always have access to the latest features.


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