How does IBM Web Content Manager work?

Easy-to-manage targeted content for your organizations

IBM Web Content Manager helps you develop and deliver critical business information throughout your organization. This comprehensive web content management system makes it easy for you to capture and manage large amounts of targeted content and deliver that content to employees, customers and partners. Quickly respond to constantly changing and growing digital experience requirements that span multiple web channels.

Present assets from cloud-based Watson Content Hub

Present rich media and content assets created with cloud offering IBM Watson Content Hub to your Web Content Manager audiences

Create content and publish websites in minutes!

See how you can create your website, preview and publish your content in minutes with IBM Web Content Manager

Highlight your website assets with content targeting

Use integrated content targeting services to highlight your website content assets.

Technical details

Software requirements

Software requirements for Web Content Manager can be found here:

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements for Web Content Manager can be found here:

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