Making your system management more efficient

IBM® CICS Explorer® provides an intuitive way to manage one or more IBM CICS® regions. When connected to CICSplex®, CICS Explorer can seamlessly manage definitions and resources across your plex as a single point of control. Developers benefit from a modern interface to access CICS resources and system administrators can quickly manipulate CICS topology and CICS workload distribution configurations.
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Customizable interface

Boost your productivity with an interface designed to make CICS easier to manage.

Manage multiple resources

Define, install and manipulate CICS runtime resources and their definitions, including events, Atom feeds, policies, applications, platform and OSGi bundles.

Simplify editing

Maintain and modify your CICS system with smart resource editors and wizards designed for easier use.

Integrate with other mainframe tools

Increase your users' efficiency with a rich ecosystem of tools.

CICS Explorer key features

  • Centralized user interfaces make CICS easier to manage
  • Smart resource editors and wizards
  • Define, install and manipulate CICS runtime resources
  • Integrate with other mainframe tools

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