What it can do for your business

In our market buyers and suppliers collaborate on early cash flow at a rate that’s profitable for both. Buyers simply upload their approved invoices into the market and establish their target return and cash available. Suppliers request early payment of their approved invoices at a rate that works for them. The proprietary C2FO market algorithms route and match the orders. It’s that simple.

An affordable working capital solution

We don’t charge suppliers any fees to participate. Suppliers can request cash flow and get paid by their buyer the usual way, only faster, at rates that are often less than the cost of borrowing.

Industry-leading support

C2FO has the industry’s largest supplier relationship team. Our global team of financial professionals delivers personal support via phone, email or chat. Multilingual help available 24/7.

High supplier satisfaction

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50+ is ‘world class’. The C2FO overall score of 65 combined with a supplier recommendation rate of 91%, shows the value of the market-based approach to working capital.

Key features

  • Name your rate™ with C2FO
  • C2FO for Buyers
  • C2FO for Suppliers
  • Global, scaleable solution

Security and privacy in the cloud

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