What it can do for your business

Skry’s first product allows financial institutions, law enforcement, and Bitcoin companies to detect suspicious activity on the Blockchain and identify legal and illegal entities, enabling them to comply with regulations around compliance and investigate cyber crimes like ransomware extortions, terror financing or drug trafficking on the dark web


Expose funds derived from illicit activities and detect complex money laundering activities.

Anti Fraud

Eliminate synthetic identity theft and identify novel patterns.

Cyber Security

Predict unseen attack vectors and protect your organization from cyber threats.

Essential information

  • Graph Processing: Despite the moderate mainstream usage of Bitcoin, with over 150 million transactions and almost 3 outputs per transaction the resulting graph poses a non-trivial data challenge.
  • Ingestion Pipelines: Investigations on the Blockchain require analysis of data that is both extremely complex and extremely sparse. Skry’s ingestion pipelines are designed to deal with any kind of data
  • Address Clustering: Address clustering is a well-studied methodology for blockchain forensics. Despite the Awareness of this privacy weakness in the Bitcoin network.
The Convergence of Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. We enable enterprises to derive real-time intelligence and risk assessment from Blockchains and decentralized applications.

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Skry Blockchain Intelligence Platform

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Skry Blockchain Intelligence Platform