Increase Customer Lifetime Value, Retention & Profitability

Advanced loyalty product offering behavior targeting, intelligent rules, and real time omni-channel customer engagement. It uses targeted, 1:1, in real-time, to drive incremental performance from shoppers.

Optimize Promotional Spend

Drive ROI and incremental behavior from your customers using the same (or lower) marketing budget.

Target and Improve Performance

With machine-learning, intelligent rules target and improve performance on high-value e-commerce behaviors without a margin give-away.

Drive Customer Retention

Deepens customer engagement at each stage of the Customer Journey.

Real-time Interaction

Engage with customers in the moment with targeted one-to-one offers, capitalizing on their current behaviors and shopping session.

Omnichannel Delivery

Reach your customers across all screens and channels with a seamless experience.

Engage customers in real-time & increase valuable behaviors.

  • Data Intake
  • Offer Presentment
  • Intelligent Rules
  • Reward Redemption

Security and privacy in the cloud

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Smarter Loyalty Premium Edition

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Smarter Loyalty Premium Edition

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