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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Functional Tester.


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Table of Contents:

Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH33112 Functional Test script with descriptive code for Checkbox identifies Textbox and Radio buttons in Edge for chromium.
PH33115 While recording with Web UI, cookies URL gets recorded instead of the actual application URL.
PH32983 Missing Dataset CSV editor supported web browsers details in Functional Test documentation.
PH30582 Insert Test Object/Verification point/ Test Object inspector do not align with the correct element when using Drag hand selection to the test object.
PH34598 Playback on Edge Chromium web browser throws PropertyNotFoundException while retrieving innerHTML
PH34599  Descriptive code with .contentText property fails to identify link control in Edge Chromium web browser
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH32002 Traditional HTML Scripts: Playback of hover action in WebUI style is failing with Window activate failed exception.
PH31800 VS: No RFT scripts listed in new Test Object map wizard to merge
PH31529 Extra space added between the http:// (OR https://) and the content of application URL in Launch app step.
PH31524 Values set using set/storeDatapool doesn't persist in the session.
PH28373 SPCR : RFT-RAD shell share support information is incorrect in and above releases
PH32497 Unable to add application URL manually, error: "Address length is too long"
PH28653 Incorrect information in SPCR for integration of Rational Functional Tester 9.2.x with RAD
Release 10.1.1
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH27977 User Arguments for configuring a job for the Rational Functional Tester Jenkins plugins does not work as expected
PH27430  When you play back a test with an application that has multiple windows, the playing back does not switch to the next window
PH26344 Errors are displayed when you create a test script by using the 'Record Manual Script' button in the integration between Rational Functional Tester and Rational Quality Manager.
PH21736  When you create a Rational Functional Tester project in the integration with Visual Studio 2019, an error message appears due to a change in configuration change or the installation of another extension.

Release 10.1.0
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH15226 Rational Functional Tester is unable to retrieve recorded .NET controls during the playback of SAP Work Manager 5.3.
PH21395  Rational Functional Tester is unableto recognise the controls launched in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers when regular expression is used with find() method.
In the Visual Studio integration of Rational Functional Tester, an error is displayed when you right-click the project and select properties.
PH10303  Rational Functional Tester does not resume the recording of any control after you perform a download during the recording.
PH18668  Rational Functional Tester V9.2.1 does not recognize object properties during the playback.

Release 10.0.2, Fix Pack 1
Link Date Released Status
ID APAR Description
PH18666  Test result does not display pie chart based on the test results in a simplified script
PH21296  Actions under a group of test steps are not enabled or disabled by using the menu item "Enable or disbale actions"
PH18700  Verification point results are missing from the test log when you use "call script" in a simplified script
PH20578 Unable to control the tolerence values for image verification point
PH20949  Hover over action does not display sub-items in a drop-down list during runtime.
TP-62566 Previously, there was an issue to upgrade Rational Functional Tester from V10.0.1 to V10.0.2. This problem was fixed. 
Release (10.0.2)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH18775  Test scripts with overall test result as FAIL in Rational Functional Tester give the overall verdict as INCONCLUSIVE when running in Rational Quality Manager.
PH19369  The screenshots attached to the results page display as garbled characters when you run a Rational Functional Tester test script in Rational Quality Manager.
PH18615  Rational Functional Tester test script with image verification points does not publish screenshots to the test results when you playback from Rational Quality Manager.
PH16766  In simplified scripts, an action text does not get refreshed after you select "Enable to disable actions."
PH16767  Rational Functional Tester web communicator does not get closed even if the associated Google Chrome browser is closed in Windows Server machines.
PH14193  Rational Functional Tester displays the error "Not Responding" after a timeout when you record a custom HTML page in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.
PH16320  Browser enablement test for Mozilla Firefox browser fails in Rational Functional Tester.

Release (10.0.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH12540 Testing of HTML applications loaded in multiple tabs in Mozilla Firefox are not supported by the product.
PH14317 Unable to perform hover over action during playback after upgrading to V9.2.1.1 of the product.
PH14422 Unable to run a batch file with double extension to start the Selenium browser driver. For example, chromedriver.exe.bat. It does not run as double extensions are not allowed on certain systems.
PH14319 Incorrect junk characters are displayed instead of headings and text in Rational Functional Tester for Russian locale.
PH13511 Unable to run test scripts when running Rational Quality Manager test suites with Rational Functional Tester tests.
PH12808 Incorrect Overall Success result for Rational Functional Tester scripts when executed from Rational Quality Manager.
PH12742  Junit tests for Java projects, stored in the src or test folder, run incorrectly for a compound test. The playback displays as successful, but the test activity does not happen.
PI91682 Rational Test Workbench Web UI Tester test scripts generate a garbled report when executed with a test case in Rational Quality Manager.
PH08268 Duplicate test step results are generated after Web UI test script recording as the same test steps are recorded multiple times.

Release (10.0.0)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH12541  Unable to playback test scripts with Mozilla Firefox 17.0.1 in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 machines.
PH09882  Rational Functional Tester Web UI extension for Mozilla Firefox is garbled in Japanese and other DBCS languages in Adds-on Manager of Mozilla Firefox.
PH09648  Rational Functional Tester Mobile and WebUI playback reports do not open while accessing it from the Eclipse Jetty server along with an HTTP 500 server error.
PH09272  RFT scripts fail when third party jars are downloaded using Apache Maven. These RFT scripts depend on the downloaded third party jars.
PH09318  System Java is used instead of SDP Java directory for running scripts in Apache Maven.
PH06321  Rational Functional Tester freeze on Microsoft Windows 10 operating system when a link is clicked during recording.
PI83869  Playback actions do not occur for standard users who have enabled protected mode in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Table of Contents:

Release (9.5.0)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH03218 Rational Functional Tester Web UI playback types values that do not match with the test step values in Mozilla Firefox browser.
PH07761  Playback issue when handling multiple cross-domain nested frames
PH06829  Verification points on Scalar Vector Graphic Control (SVG) which are offscreen, fails with WebUI.
PH06322  Incorrect Rational Functional Tester system requirements link in IBM Knowledge Center (KC)
PH08809 Web UI test steps are not recorded when recording HTTP traffic with Google Chrome web browser.
PH09319  Playback log setting changed to None, when the user edits the project with the configure option.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PH01095 RFT9.2 WebUI unable to record JS Alerts
PI98329 Object Inspector hangs when AUT runs on Firefox ESR
PI95812 Edge playback gets intermittently stuck
PH06409 RFT 921 has garbled double byte characters issue
Mod Pack (9.2.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI95806 Typing speed in recording is very slow on 64bit RFT and IME
PI97204 Functional Test Reports not available when a compound test is executed from RQM
PI98643 InputKeys action is not working, issue with focus not shifting to action object
PI95026 Web UI stops recording actions within a recording session
PI92614 RFT 9101, 911 and 9111 adapters do not connect to RQM 502+ifixXYZ

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI93461 Chrome Playback fails with ambiguous exception for click on radio button
PI96225 Moving Managed Application file does not update resource listed in RTWW recorder launch page
PI96008 RFT highlights the control rectangle somewhere else
PI93626 RFT does not play back action on text nodes in chrome browser
PI93451 RFT 9.1 playback performance is slow when web application is launched in FF 40.0.2
PI92049 RFT fails to record two action post clicking on scroll bar
PI92047 Highlight and play back fails for the control in the right corner when the browser is in maximized or full size mode
PI90643 Image source with getBaselineData API is not copied onto the remote machine, so test execution fails
PI88878 WebUI Report doesn't provide any information when playback fails due to unexpected alerts
Release (9.2)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI94089 The eclipseId property is missing in the objectMap. The playback of existing script is failing.
PI95645 FTE tests are failing due to change in window title on 911
PI93455 Words with spaces are not correctly passed as an argument to script
PI90981 A Verification Point in a log Result cannot be opened with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. The thrown error message is misleading.
PI90949 Passing -D arg to "Execution arguments" returns could not run the script in the adapter console and in RQM even though the script gets executed.
PI88811 Data Verification Point captures <script> tag contents for HTML .DIV control.
PI80559 Gui Test Report generated by execution of a compound test containing an RFT test has context help link broken
PI85606 RFT hangs with error "No more handles" after doing operations on simplified scripts.
PI91162 Split WebUI actions option unavailable when the selected actions include a comment
PI91867 Simulation of special keys and keyboard doesn't work on Native Dialog box opened by Internet Explorer.
PI92214 Javascript step fails when executed from RQM when test assets are in a Shared Location
PI58372 RTW (now RFT) test recorder produces tests with unexpected content when splits are initiated using recording toolbar.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI90209 RFT is not able to record and play back in multi window on Firefox.
PI90023 RFT should warn users when they do not have admin privileges to access the Rational FT customization directory.
PI89281 Out of memory issue while inserting VP.
PI89233 BEGIN/END java code snippet name is not changed.
Mod Pack 1 (9.1.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI38034 The playback process crashes in rftrqmcomm.dll during test execution from RQM.
PI84706 Rational Functional Tester performance is slower than in older versions.
PI85355 Performance is slower for Windows applications if regular expressions are used for recognition properties.
PI85845 Display error while launching VP result.
PI78135 During recording no action is typed into the Siebel IP15 Application text box.
PI82743 Unable to launch VP comparator from logs using enabled IE browser
PI83065 FileZilla controls are not detected if Firefox is enabled in RFT 9.1.
PI83406 Error while recording sample popup html page in Chrome.
33773425 FTE: Garbage value gets printed in terminal window at runtime.
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI80263 Out of memory exception while capturing object in chrome 57.
PI78224 RFT-RQM enhanced logging does not work after
PI81514 RFT recorder does not identify a control in Frame running on Firefox version 17 and above.
PI80264 Iframe with body height set to 0px is not recorded.
PI81449 Unable to get html textnode in chrome.
PI59925 RFT is unable to find Visual Basic Label control using descriptive code.
Initial Release 9.1 (9.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI74076 IE 11 with Applet running in 64 bit mode crashes during playback.
PI72609 Tester not able to recognize controls in 32 bit Eclipse/RCP based application on RHEL 64 bit.
PI73575 AUT crashes when click on Windows dialog after launch from FTE.
PI75105 An RTW compound test with multiple functional tester scripts provides extraneous arguments starting from the second script.
PI47710 On Windows 8.1 using Select() on a drop down, wrong item gets selected in IE11.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 10 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI72103 RFT is unable to recognize controls in an embedded browser in the JDesktop Integration Component (JDIC).
PI71665 RFT is unable to record on Mozilla Firefox version 45. When you start a recoding, the Communicator process exits immediately after starting Firefox. and therefore the recording will not work.
PI70911 On Linux systems, you can run an RFT script that is associated with a test case from Rational Quality Manager. However, if a test case is associated with an Execution Variable, the RFT script cannot be run.
PI70631 When you record web pages in Chrome, if the object property is from a double byte character set, such as Chinese or Japanese, the recorded object properties become garbled, both in the script editor and the object map.
PI69755 The Test Object Inspector detects objects more slowly with 64 bit RFT compared to 32 bit RFT when using the Internet Explorer browser.
PI69375 An RFT workspace build by an Ant task fails in headless mode when shell-sharing RFT and RAD
PI68848 When a user scrolls down in a frame, RFT fails to record a click on controls within the Frame.
PI68780 The actual and expected result of a verification point are missing in the RQM result details on Linux.
PI68486 RFT is unable to click on an HTML link during playback.
PI63104 RFT does not recognize controls correctly in a WPF window that is embedded in a Win32 application.
PI60219 The RFT extension for Chrome throws a JSON-related error while importing a file in an HTML application.
Fix Pack 9 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI65961 Script steps are missing in result details of RQM when test is executed through RFT-RQM adapter.
PI67090 FTE - GetTopLevelObjects API leads to exception.

Fix Pack 8 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI57323 RFT is unable to load the Flex domain.
PI58870 RFT is unable to record on Flex object correctly after upgrading to IE11.
PI60297 RFT 8606 failed to recognize HTML tags on Chrome 49.
PI60722 View Results link in the playback log does not open the VP comparator for script executed through RFT .Net IDE. The same works from Eclipse IDE
PI61216 In RFT you are unable to click the PowerBuilder DataWindow row. You can only click the top-left corner of the DataWindow.
PI62415 RFT playback throws a java.lang.NullPointerException.
PI63033 IBM Installation Manager does not allow RFT installation into an existing Eclipse instance.
PI45930 The Japanese name of the .class file is garbled in Simplified Scripts.
PI63683 Firefox and Chrome playback slows down after an upgrade from RFT 8605 to 8606.
Fix Pack 7 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI22717 RFT script fails to run as expected in IE9, whereas it runs successfully in IE8, 10 and 11.
PI31354 RFT unable to record test objects inside iframe.
PI53727 RFT script execution fails with random invalid memory errors.
PI42084 Unable to recognize controls after scrolling down in IE 11.
PI53231 Scroll left not scrolling the datawindow to left hand side in Powerbuilder 10.5.
PI51469 Command-line/RQM adapter execution fails with initialization errors for scripts based on spring framework.
33722155 testMain(Object[] args) gets args[0]="" when no arguments are passed
PI55709 Using recorder as 64 bit process does not let the user insert verification points.
PI55308 Execution of RFT scripts on Firefox browser leads to random ApplicationNotRespondingExceptions. This usually happens when a new page loads and the script is trying to perform an action on the newly loaded page. APIs like waitForExistence() is an example that leads to an ApplicationNotResponding exception.
PI56687 When you record a test against an HTML table with vertical column headers, playback throws a SubitemNotFound exception.
PI56688 Unable to record/playback on Firefox version 44.
PI57615 RFT is able to record against a PDF loaded in the browser, but during playback the same recording throws an ObjectNotFound exception.
Fix Pack 6 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI53043 For a script recorded in RFT 8604 on IE11 ,the .value property of the search button is blank in the object map.
PI51181 jQuery-based web pages do not load properly when the Firefox or Chrome extension for RFT is enabled. They load properly when the extension is disabled.
PI39580 Rational Functional Testers displays 0 for empty strings while capturing a verification point on a Powerbuilder datawindow. In previous versions of RFT 8.2/8.3 this used to be empty string.
PI50410 Editing a simplified script created in 8.1 and opened in 8.6 removes custom code snippet if tag name starts <.
PI52033 After scrolling horizontally in the PB12.5 grid data window, RFT clicks at the wrong location. The X coordinate at the top left of the cell is incorrect.
PI43766 RFT's find atDescendant API does not work correctly for HTML on the Mozilla Firefox browser.
PI39619 RFT is unable to recognize controls within an embedded browser inside a Java application.
PI51162 Script recorded in IE9 fails to perform action on text field in IE11 during playback.
Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI23225 RFT does not scroll up and click a control during playback on IE9.
PI08035 RFT is unable to recognize controls from 64 bit Windows application.
PI39655 Spaces in RQM execution variables are reduced to single space.
PI47131 IE11 crashes after RFT enablement if JRE 1.8 is associated with the browser.
PI46573 RFT does not select the option element in a drop-down on Google Chrome.
PI42703 Calling the find() API with regular expression results in exceptions on html page if the page has embedded Active X control.
PI43466 RFT Fails to record/playback when the system locale is set to Turkish.
PI41249 IE8 crashes while recording on Windows Vista.
PI44320 RFT Fails to find the Dojo Dialog during playback.
PI44648 Executing a script on Linux throws exception: Address already in use, in IDE console.
Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI36936 Chrome - recording is not capturing correct objects. RFT is not getting correct bounds/screens rectangle of controls on Google Chrome browser.
PI41516 RFT Invokescript() API causes the browser to crash if the script is more than 500 characters long.
PI30061 Browser Enablement Test falsely passes when RFT enabler is disabled in the browser.
PI38924 Web page behavior is modified if the RFT extension for Chrome is enabled.
PI18669 Memory leak in Internet Explorer. A SPHYHEAP locks error message is thrown after a long run.
PI31173 Recording On .NET WPF Combobox Fails.
PI36915 RFT 8.5 does not recognize the Win domain objects embedded in Internet Explorer.
PI38507 Applets fail to load or are not testable. JRE 1.8 - Issues around loading and testing applets with IE that have been statically enabled for testing.
PI38927 Focus not set on elements when click without mouse flag is set to true in IE.
Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI23146 Enabling the chrome on Rational Functional Tester with the extension chrome 1.3, chrome keeps initializing for any page refresh.
PI26730 Control level waitforexistence() not waiting properly in firefox during playback
PI29341 Google chrome browser crashes randomly while loading with rft extension enabled.
PI30144 Rational Functional Tester integration with MS Visual Studio 2010 crashes while compiling a c# project in a solution that has Functional Tester project.
PI30356 Rational Functional Tester ide disappears abruptly during launch if license has expired.
PI31683 Spaces in execution variables values are reduced to one space.
PI31914 .net datagrid returns null when getsubitem is called to get the datagrid cell.
PI32282 Rational Functional Tester Unable to enter text in TextArea if clickwithoutmouse flag is set to true.
PI32345 Chrome browser returns incorrect value for the aria-disabled property.
PI32531 Rational Functional Tester unable to find certain controls (within frames) on MS IE9/IE11.
PI33189 Rational Functional Tester execution of VB script through Rational Quality Manager gives exception for execution variables passed as varfile.
PI34234 Rational Functional Tester does not recognize controls in the embedded browser in power builder application.
Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI16401 Playback process crashes intermittently during RQM test suite execution.
PI20845 log.append("\n") doesn't work properly when a script is run in RQM.
PI24224 Unable to select items from a drop down in IE when clickwithoutmouse flag is set to true.
PI26409 Playback runs into System.OutOfMemoryException while trying to find() controls on VB application.
PI25237 RFT throws out of memory error while trying to insert/hover over powerBuilder 12 application.
PI26422 Unable to drill down to control in IE11 , same works on IE10.
PI27228 RFT not identifying objects in some frames of nested frameset in chrome browser.
PI27785 playerhook64.exe does not exit if the playback ends abnormally(or crashes).
PI28850 Even with preference "Log screen snapshot for each action on the application" set, RFT inconsistently misses to capture screen snapshot for Terminal Based application.
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI24619 RFT is unable to span controls using find() API when .text value is provided as regular expression.
PI22665 .NET 4.5.1 64-bit AUT on Windows 8.1: No effect on the AUT after certain number of clicks.
PI20065 Non-English characters in the datapool get converted into junk characters when exported in CSV format.
PI22624 Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 10 crashes while recording.
PI23720 RFT is unable to locate browser objects in pages that consists of frames in Mozilla Firefox, version 24.
PI22715 RFT fails to find html.input.text with two properties and click correct text field when "xpath" flag and "click without mouse" flag are set to true.
PI22713 find() with regular expressions does not return objects in Chrome.
PI23867 Cannot enable Mozilla Firefox, version 22 if Mozilla Firefox, version 17 is also installed.
PI23565 getProperty("domain") results in PropertyNotFoundException in Google Chrome.
Initial Release (8.6)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI06666 Clicking drop-down list box does not stir the dynamic loading processes of the cascaded list boxes.
PI20961 Selecting a node in the Verdicts trees in the XML log does not bring the associated element into view.
PI18655 The "Save Script As .." option does not work as expected for scripts with image VPs.
PI18484 SiebelLinks are recorded as link_siebelhelperDescriptivena() instead of link_administrationProduct().
PI18285 On Google Chrome, RFT cannot find table rows using the Find API when the table anchor is used.
PI18195 Firefox [version 18 or above] or Chrome - In CQ 712, some Dojo text boxes are recorded incorrectly as html text boxes instead of dojotextboxes.
PI18105 RFT does not render HTML pages properly if the Firefox extension is enabled.
PI17614 RFT 8.5.1: CLASSINDEX property is missing in some controls.
PI16918 RFT cannot playback actions on Dojo combo box on Internet Explorer 10.
PI10867 Script playback on .NET controls are consuming more time in RFT than that in RFT
PI10865 RFT throws Null Pointer Exceptions against actions in the Flextree control during playback.
PI12056 RFT Simplified Scripting [Enable Capturing Application Visuals ] - Creating 5250 Verification on FTE
PI11327 Simplfied Scripting: The Java tab shows addition loops of code.
PI07323 RFT fails to enter text when the Protected Mode is ON.
PI10564 Playback crashes with Java core dump on long runs.
PI09346 RFT throws ambiguous exception for Html.HtmlDialog.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM35226 A memory leak was noticed with Nitro App with Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and 3.6.
PM59922 Offline recording using Simplified Scripting results in an Object not found exception.
PM60598 Custom proxies do not work when the application under test (AUT) is executed through a web browser (Java web start)
PM62832 Rational Functional Tester is unable to recognize controls in web applications that contain controls like sysListview.
PM63733 Rational Functional Tester removes encoded characters such as   while recording and taking verification points only in Mozilla Firefox.
PM64215 On upgrading to Rational Functional Tester, Java code snippets that were added to scripts are removed.
PM65058 If a web application control is disabled, the Object not found exception occurs.
PM65153 When a Simplified Script contains German characters, the characters are garbled after saving the script using the Save script scriptname as option.
PM65620 The Wrapped exception occurs while recording on Start --> Run and then clicking the Close button.
PM65885 In Japanese operating systems, an Object not found exception occurs during playback on Flex AUTs.
PM65897 Object unification does not work when regular expressions are used.
PM65971 Script playback in Rational Functional Tester debug mode fails to click the correct field.
PM66175 On clicking web radio buttons, a delay is noticed.
PM67123 An Object not found exception occurs for Dojo menu item controls.
PM67175 The Rational Functional Tester recording window does not close on clicking the Stop button.
PM67178 A text box value is not set if the text box is not completely visible in Firefox browsers.
PM67552 In Rational Functional Tester 8.2.2, ambiguous recognition occurs on taking a menu verification point.
PM67989 Rational Functional Tester fails to click the tabs in PowerBuilder applications.
PM68538 A Null Pointer exception occurs when a value is edited in Simplifed Scripting.
PM68601 Object classes continue to use the object text as the name even after a fix was applied.
PM68726 The Exits() method does not consider the state of the control.
PM68560 When running scripts, the File Not Found error occurs in lines that use TestAdvantage assemblies.
PM68054 The spyheap and segmentation errors occur during playback in the hookProcessByNameNative()method.
Mod Pack 2 (8.2.2)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM60374 The Rational Functional Tester Eclipse IDE displays the warning message “ScriptEditor recursive attempt warning message" in the error log view.
PM42352 Viewing the properties of a Rational Functional Tester project causes Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to shut down unexpectedly.
PM52821 Rational Functional Tester is unable to find the HTML dialog pop-up window in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0.
PM56027 For Windows applications such as Notepad, the recorder stores the state of the control incorrectly.
PM56215 Rational Functional Tester fails to record the action of closing notepad.exe by using shortcut keys Alt + F4.
PM58742 Rational Functional Tester is unable to record applications in nested domains, for example, a Java applet within an SWT browser application in Eclipse.
PM59898 The playback process is unable to close a window in a native Japanese or Chinese environment.
PM59901 Rational Functional Tester is unable to recognize most of the HTML controls.
PM60366 Rational Functional Tester is unable to find a Windows application using the .processName property.
PM61356 A NullPointerExecption occurs on selecting a subitem while testing Dojo applications in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment.
PM61403 When the setAjaxTrace method is called, a TargetGoneException occurs.
PM61648 In a 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 environment, a Microsoft .NET application that contains a space name in the process fails.
PM61841 PowerBuilder objects use the descriptive name property of .class instead of using the .name property.
PM62233 After using the Replace literals with Datapool in Simplified Script option, an error occurs on trying to undo the operation by using the Undo Datapooling option.
PM62626 The error message “No Visible Text properties found” message is displayed during recording text or during radio button verification.
PM64103 When the find() method is called in a script that operates on a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application in which there is a combo box whose last item is selected, the application shuts down unexpectedly.
PM59450 The Stop Playback Hotkey does not work in Rational Functional Tester.
Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM40553 Creating a verification point against Notepad text unexpectedly shuts down Notepad in Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit environments.
PM43559 The Rational Functional Tester adapter for Rational Quality Manager becomes unresponsive during playback.
PM49890 The playback process becomes unresponsive for a window button.
PM54819 The Listbox control in Lotus Notes is not recognized in bidirectional locales.
PM55185 Arabic characters are not displayed properly in the Rational Functional Tester FTE emulator.
PM55207 The CTRL+ALT+ pattern does not work during playback.
PM55870 The Object Finder does not detect Microsoft Windows or Microsoft.NET application objects at the first attempt.
PM56112 When sharing a functional test project using the Rational Team Concert Software Configuration Management, some critical files are set to be ignored in the default ignore settings.
PM56405 When trying to run a script that is selecting an option in a multiple drop-down list, if the option is not displayed in the drop-down list box, the selection is not made. This only occurs when the option to select is not visible at the time.
PM56787 A PowerBuilder (or Windows) text box displays a value when NULL (empty).
PM57596 A WrappedException[java.lang.NullPointerException] occurs when trying to record.
PM58096 In Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, the invokeScript function to pass parameters returns a NULL value.
PM58099 In Internet Explorer 8.0, Rational Functional Tester strips the  , character.
PM58118 In PowerBuilder, the InvalidComObjectException occurs during playback for a test script that only selects menu items.
PM58121 When playing back a script which clicks a drop-down list that has a header bar, Rational Functional Tester tries to click the header bar instead of the drop-down list, and the com.rational.test.ft.ObjectNotFoundException occurs.
PM58164 The .name property in the object map contains a NULL value, and each object placed for a node is in an incorrect location.
PM58250 In PowerBuilder, the NullReferenceException occurs if the name and dbname of the object differ.
PM58372 For bidirectional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew, objects are not found as expected.
PM58538 The Rational Functional Tester API exists() method returns false for an existing object.
PM60378 The Rational Functional Tester recorder emits duplicate lines for SAP GUI recordings.
PM51582 Attempts to start the testing tool in Rational Functional Tester 8.2.x result in the error The configuration area at .... is not writable. Please choose a writable location using the '-configuration' command line option.
PM57389 The Find Literals and Replace with Datapool Reference option does not work when Simplified Scripting is enabled.
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM45230 The process browser is not displayed in Japanese or Simplified Chinese.
PM29849 Renaming or moving datapool records from the datapool editor cases loss of datapool records.
PM32745 Rational Functional Tester 8.2 does not support non-standard JVM plugins.
PM35966 In the Verification Point Comparator window, clicking in a data cell causes incorrect images and data from other cells to be displayed.
PM43560 The SAPScrollContainerProxy causes problems for older test scripts.
PM49786 The VSFlexGrid needs to support loading of custom proxies.
PM52183 While testing 64-bit applications under test in Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit environments, the Find API is unable to find objects during the first run.
PM52792 The TestObject.find API always returns zero results for pattern based (RegularExpression) searches.
PM52961 Segmentation errors occur randomly during the playback process.
PM53402 Rational Functional Tester is unable to find toolStripDropDownMenutoolBar2().click(atPath("X>Y->Z")), and throws the ObjectNotFoundException error, and sometimes the UnableToPerformActionException error.
PM53533 During testing in Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and 5.0 browsers, DropDown Selection does not work and Rational Functional Tester throws the SubItemNotFoundException error.
PM54434 In Rational Quality Manager – Rational Functional Tester integration, the result details of the time of execution of test cases are not in sequential order.
PM54882 Clicking on the File menu in a PowerBuilder application is recorded as click(atPath("Ä")). Due to encountering the Ä character instead of the actual menu click, prerecorded scripts no longer function, and the SubItemNotFound exception occurs during playback.
PM55187 On using on any AWT component, the hasFocus()API always returns false in spite of the focus being present with the corresponding component.
PM55192 The Rational Functional Tester find method with atDescendant causes Mozilla Firefox to shut down unexpectedly.
PM55280 The SAP (portal) button throws the Object Not Found exception.
Interim Fix 1 (8.2.1_iFix001)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM46803 Rational Functional Tester - Rational ClearCase integration - The Add Project to Source Control option does not check-in project directories.
PM26146 Rational Functional Tester is unable to record list box selections in HTML applications in Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8.
PM42037 On opening a detailed Rational Functional Tester - Rational Quality Manager log in Windows 7 64-bit, the error installscripts was unexpected at this time is displayed.
PM45079 Playback is able to select a value in a disabled list box in an HTML web application.
PM46140 The Rational Functional Tester Recorder does not record clicking a close button in a .NET application under test (AUT) correctly.
PM46141 During playback, mouse clicks take a long time when using a .NET data grid with a large amount of data.
PM46998 Playback becomes unresponsive on the find method against Win32 in HTML.
PM48129 Rational Functional Tester scripts do not pick up the working directory properly when the test is executed from Rational Quality Manager.
PM48575 On executing a Rational Functional Tester test script from Rational Quality Manager, unreadable characters are displayed.
PM49364 Incorrect subitems are selected during playback.
PM49584 When playing back a script which includes a timerStart and timerStop command, a 15-16 millisecond delay is occasionally added to the elapsed time.
PM49592 Playback against a .NET application causes the AUT to shut down unexpectedly.
PM49984 Siebel support - Rational Functional Tester reports exceptions for clicking Siebel buttons.
PM50027 A.NET application containing a space in ProcessName is not recognized.
PM52454 On clicking a custom SwingX control(Custom JTree control, an RFT Wrapped exception was thrown.
PM52456 |n Windows 7 FDCC environments, it is not possible to launch Rational Functional Tester as a non admin user.
PM51581 A Rational Functional Tester script fails with the java.lang.NullPointerException after upgrading to Rational Functional Tester 8.2.1.
PM52982 If a link is word-wrapped in Internet Explorer 8.0, Rational Functional Tester is unable to click the link during playback.
Mod Pack 1 (8.2.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM28667 Rational Functional Tester is unable to copy and paste an entire record in the datapool.
PM12626 On Internet Explorer 8, the startBrowser & startApp functions return the incorrect process test object.
PM28228 Playback fails with ObjectNotFound exception for HTML controls.
PM28976 In a datapool, on clicking in a cell and moving the cursor by using the arrow keys, the cursor moves between cells instead of moving between characters.
PM30689 On trying to copy or paste data between cells in a datapool, HTML format tags are also pasted along with the data.
PM33828 The Datapool Edit Variable function does not work as expected.
PM35981 Inconsistent recording and playback failure are seen against textbox and listbox controls within a PowerBuilder DataWindow.
PM36192 When running an applet application in a Firefox 3.6.x browser, Rational Functional Tester recognizes the entire body as an HTML.Object.
PM38720 The Object Finder fails to detect an object. The InsertObject wizard selects or highlights an incorrect object.
PM40651 The Unify Function corrupts the object map.
PM47791 Controls within a table in an SWT application are not recognized, and an error is thrown on playing back a script that tries to select the table objects: Could not find a Table. com.rational.test.ft.ObjectNotFoundException
PM42351 On a terminal application, on taking a data verification point, the error *** Invalid resource[Current text value] *** is displayed.
PM42661 A select combo box down item is not selected properly after scrolling.
PM43376 Playback is unable to click a button in a Siebel popup.
PM47602 Rational Functional Tester is unable to insert objects from a Microsoft 2007 Excel Cognos toolbar.
PM43737 The System.Console.WriteLine() method fails to write output to the debug console.
Interim Fix 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM17852 A Rational Functional Tester script or project that is named in Japanese fails to execute properly from Rational Quality Manager.
PM40413 It is not possible to test Flex objects when wmode is set to opaque.
PM35671 A display exception occurs when using the Test Object Inspector, and the object properties are also not displayed.
PM37469 Invocation timeout occurs for methods called on objects found using getownedObject api.
PM40530 It is not possible to set text in a read-only text area, while using setProperty(".value").
PM39027 In Mozilla Firefox browsers, it is not possible to select multiple list items when scrolling is required.
PM36190 The Recorder does not emit Java code for a verification point image.
PM36653 Rational Functional Tester is unable to set text in a read-only text area.
PM24669 Rational Functional Tester fails to return row values correctly even though the row contains values.
PM05506 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 shuts down abnormally when recording on it using Rational Functional Tester.
PM35551 PowerBuilder 12 applications shut down abnormally, randomly during playback with a .NET run-time exception.
PM18779 Simplified Scripting removes custom code when name of the Java snippet is changed in the script view.
PM43523 A Rational Functional Tester 8.2x test script fails playback with the error DropDownTest.testMain had an unhandled exception when selecting items from a HTML Listbox in the application under test.
PM41622 Renew Name in Associated Script (s) gets compilation error with Simplified Scripting enabled.
PM43225 Rational Quality Manager falsely logs PASS when a Rational Functional Tester script fails to run completely.
PM43707 The Rational Quality Manager adapter displays incorrect Rational Functional Tester project name.
PM43414 Rational Functional Tester fails to enter text in a htmltextinput field during playback.
PM44055 Rational Functional Tester fails to recognize DOT NET (.Net 1) controls on recording/playback.
PM44067 Rational Functional Tester freezes when playing back a HTML popup.
PM44893 A duplicate empty TM Testscript log folder is created in the Rational Functional Tester navigator
PM44897 Microsoft SSRS controls cause playback failure with the Object Not Found exception.
PM45189 When using the find() method in the Flex domain, performance is very poor.
PM45858 An error is seen in console: WrappedException[java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError] -
Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM39796 Verification Point failures and exceptions do not trigger ARM failures in ITCAM.
PK94070 Rational Functional Tester: Unable to find and click on button offscreen with ObjectNotFound Exception.
PM29949 Rational Functional Tester does not scroll into the Dojo combobox object, and clicks elsewhere.
PM31644 Rational Functional Tester 8.2 and HTML buttons from a collapsible section are not recognized during recording.
PM34221 Rational Functional Tester: The Textbox field takes 2 -3 seconds to enter a character during playback.
PM13582 Pasting data from the clipboard to a HTML text field in .NET Scripting takes more than 2 minutes.
PM24680 Rational Functional Tester: A .NET application under test (AUT) which uses Impersonation freezes during recording and playback.
PM28983 When recording on a HTML page that has embedded
PM32615 Rational Functional Tester 8.2: On playback, a right click on a third party control, crashed the AUT
PM37123 Rational Functional Tester : A DatapoolException occurs, such as CRFCN0478E: There is no exist variable name "valname" in a datapool.
PM37450 Rational Functional Tester : "License Key check failed for plugin"
PM37458 Rational Functional Tester : The Object Inspector shows the .enabled property incorrectly
PM37552 Rational Functional Tester : Manual Verification Point fails with Boolean values.
PM37950 'document.setAjaxTrace(true)' causes a crash in Internet Explorer 8 compatibility view browser mode.
PM39487 The '&' symbol is stripped from the text property of a menu item incorrectly.
PM40135 Rational Functional Tester : The string PROP_WORKINGDIRECTORY = "startapp_working_direcotry" is misspelled.
PM40144 Rational Functional Tester recording does not create a Verification Point or retrieve controls on an embedded browser.
PM40272 The SWT Tree expand operation fails to show up the children of the tree node.
PM41630 Rational Functional Tester : dojoRoot is missing under C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\FunctionalTester.
Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM26387 The result of a Rational Functional Tester .NET script execution in Rational Quality Manager does not display properly.
PM34218 Rational Functional Tester fails to select an item in a Html.Select list.
PM34495 The performance of the find() API is slow in Rational Functional Tester on Internet Explorer 8 64-bit.
PM27242 In Rational Functional Tester and, certain keyboard sequences are sent as doubled.
PM31134 In Rational Functional Tester, the DojoTreeTestObject API does not work with Firefox 3.6.13.
PM31656 The SAP web portal application has SAP editboxes but they are recognized as span and the check boxes are recognized as images.
PM31857 testObject().getProperties returns incorrect results with Firefox.
PM31858 The .text recognition property is missing in the Test Object map under Recognition Tab (closed with status "Information provided").
PM32334 Various NoClassDefFound errors occur on creating a new script, displaying an object map, inserting an object, or inserting a verification point, in Rational Functional Tester on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 platform.
PM32572 In Rational Functional Tester, in Firefox, the subitem seems to be selected, but the dropdown is not closed.
PM32573 In Rational Functional Tester, specified text is not available in the list of subitems, and Rational Functional Tester takes a lot of time to respond.
PM32742 In Rational Functional Tester, on inserting a dynamic TestObject into objectMap, the playback or highlight fails.
PM33715 In Rational Functional Tester, an unsatisfied link error is displayed when Rational Functional Tester fails on the find call.
PM33847 The System.getProperty "line.separator" does not work with the Rational Functional Tester logging function.
PM33928 The ClassCastException error occurs after updating recognition properties when trying to highlight the object.
PM34042 The playback log seems to be corrupted when Rational Functional Tester Logging APIs are used.
PM34209 Rational Functional Tester recompiles the entire project for no reason (closed with status "Works as designed")
PM35774 Script playback through Test Agent results in playback crash after some time.
PM17217 Rational Functional Tester is unable to access individual items within a drop-down box (closed with status "Fixed indirectly")
Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM30133 Rational Functional Tester Parallel development/modification of Rational Functional Tester shared object maps with SCM tools like Rational ClearCase Remote Client/SCM Adapter.
PM29671 The Rational Functional Tester adapter is unable to synchronize playback requests from Rational Quality Manager for scripts with relative path in arguments.
PM31458 Drop-down selections in Rational Functional Tester do not execute JavaScript.
PM21813 Rational Functional Tester Dynamic test objects are not recognized during playback.
PM17674 Rational Functional Tester integration with Rational Quality Manager is shown as "PASS" even when the Rational Functional Tester Test log has reported the integration as failed.
PM26402 Rational Functional Tester scripts created for PowerBuilder 11.5 cannot be reused even when PowerBuilder is upgraded to the latest version.
PM28560 Rational Functional Tester 8.2: On using JRE 1.4.2_19 with Rational Functional Tester 8.2, Rational Functional Tester is unable to recognize Java applications.
PM28056 Rational Functional Tester Unable to playback the actions on the scroll bar in a WPF application. The UnableToPerformAction Exception is thrown.
PM30388 Rational Functional Tester Win Domain: Update Recognition for text box control shows empty update recognition properties window
PM26384 A few properties that were visible in Rational Functional Tester are missing in Rational Functional Tester
PM29947 Playback does not happen on the html application.
PM28668 Manual VP fails even when the actual and expected values are the same.
PM29716 Rational Functional Tester 8.2: Playback logs capture the "getProperty" function even though it is not required.
PM29853 Rational Functional Tester retrieves an incorrect RGB color.
PM27636 Rational Functional Tester 8.2: Changing the options in Preferences > Highlight creates a problem with highlight.
PM25520 Regression in Rational Functional Tester 8.2: many Windows show square characters on Japanese Operating Systems.
PK83682 Multiple web browsers are spawned when interacting with Siebel PICK control in Rational Functional Tester.
PM02125 Rational Functional Tester 7 scripts against .NET AUT fail to playback in Rational Functional Tester 8.
PM06564 Unable to create data VP for the Web Dynpro Tree control.
PM23456 Export configuration/customization files cause File Not Exist error in Japanese environments.
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM26803 Rational Functional Tester There is a false click on a Flex data grid during playback.
PM22270 Rational Functional Tester is unable to detect a selected item in a drop-down list.
PM20736 Script Arguments are unable to pass arguments correctly for .NET script execution.
PM25322 Rational Functional Tester 8.2: An exception is thrown when the default script name contains a space.
PM21386 Upgrading from Rational Functional Tester 8.1 to causes a Java Script to disappear during playback.
PM23673 Snippet code disappears on starting playback.
PM24606 Embedded IE in Swing Application controls are not recognized in Rational Functional Tester version
PK94064 Nothing happens on clicking the "Open" option on any cell (when the "Open" option is enabled) of the failed VP against the HTML table.
PM25155 During playback, Rational Functional Tester is unable to click a button that requires to be scrolled into view in order to be clicked.
PM26367 Rational Functional Tester displays the error "ObjectNotFoundException: Could not find link with name" in Internet Explorer 8.
PM26802 Rational Functional Tester TreeView Control: Occasionally, the recording is not correct when the scroll bar is involved.
PM24865 On upgrading Rational Functional Tester iFix04 to, there are issues with disappearance of Test Objects.
PM24867 Rational Functional Tester: Java scripts recorded in Mozilla Firefox 2.x fail in Firefox 3.x.
PM24966 Rational Functional Tester The getTestDataTypes method yields a different output in
PM22857 Mozilla Firefox3.6 fails with Rational Functional Tester when using a Test Object Inspector.
PM25044 There is no documentation for the getMap().getAttribute(String name) API.
PM27026 Rational Functional Tester: Internet Explorer unexpectedly closes with error "fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment".
PM22824 Rational Functional Tester fails to recognize a valid Firefox 3.5.11 folder on SLES 10.2.
PM27906 Rational Functional Tester 8.2 : Creating a RFT Project in the JA environment creates an extra space.
PM27032 In a RHEL environment, Rational Functional Tester does not start either the RQM Adapter or a RFT perspective.
PM22897 Rational Functional Tester : The Insert Recording function does not work as expected when adding steps into a copied script.
PM28536 Rational Functional Tester fails to click a radio button and throws an UnabletoPerformActionException.
Initial Release (8.2)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PK75433 Scrolling to the bottom of the log file is not possible in Rational Functional Tester version
PM21567 DataWindow and Dropdown controls are recognized based on the coordinates and not by their names
PM21819 Rational Functional Tester detailed log cannot be opened from Rational Quality Manager
PM22817 Controls are not recognized correctly during record and playback
PM10668 A 'classpath is read only' error is displayed while upgrading an older version of Rational Functional Tester
PM15846 Dialogs are displayed in English instead of Japanese
PM21216 Rational Functional Tester does not select the radio button while playing back the clickRadio( ) method
PM17873 Rational Functional Tester does not select the combo box option during playback
PM22548 Playback does not select the correct option element in Internet Explorer 8
PM21620 Rational Functional Tester version Playback fails while running a Rational Functional Tester script in Rational Quality Manager

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM78081 For PowerBuilder 12.0 applications, recording on data tables records the same index atName for multiple rows, and playback with atIndex clicks above the row.
PM79699 XML logs are not generated when the datapool column name is an integer.
PM81592 On running a functional test script in Rational Quality Manager with a manual verification point, the verification point does not get created or saved if the script is run from a shared location.
PM82579 Playback fails on CQWeb during Create CR.
PM83699 The StartApp() method for FTE causes the playback process to shut down unexpectedly.
PM72066 Playback fails for Rational Functional Tester version scripts on Rational Functional Tester version 8.2.2, for PowerBuilder 10.5 applications.
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM64029 Threading issues occur when interacting with swing GIU components using Rational Functional Tester.
PM65187 When opening a Verification Point from the playback log, an error message Error Creating verification point display: “An enable JRE (1.3.1_02 or better) must be associated with the browser to view VP results" is displayed.
PM76545 On PowerBuilder 12.0 applications, script playback performs the click action on incorrect fields of recorded objects.
PM77052 Rational Functional Tester displays the error CRFCP0050E:No screen point found for object on trying to click a HTML link.
PM77055 On Mozilla Firefox browsers, Rational Functional Tester is unable to recognize the Forward button.
PM77514 On Japanese operating systems, in Rational Functional Tester 8.3, the default script name contains a white space.
PM77627 The PlaybackMonitor() API throws the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.
PM78449 On Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, setAjaxTrace throws the Property-ReadOnly exception.
PM65890 Taking an Image Verification Point using Data Verification Point does not capture the image.
PM67108 A Spy Heap exception occurs while finding window objects using the find() API in Rational Functional Tester versions 8.2.1 and
PM69575 In Rational Functional Tester 8.2.2, the error CRFCN0309E:Error creating verification point display is displayed on trying to open Verification Points.
PM71081 A WrappedException occurs while recording on Microsoft .NET controls loaded on LabView software.
PM71329 Rational Functional Tester fails to recognize the download information bar in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0.
PM71330 Rational Functional Tester fails to completely recognize File Input controls.
PM71793 It is not possible to click the WPF context menu during playback.
PM73914 In Internet Explorer browsers, Rational Functional Tester is unable to select from HTML listboxes that contain more than 1000 elements.
PM54234 Memory leaks occur when using Rational Functional Tester APIs.
Interim Fix 1 (8.3_iFix001)
Link Date Released Status
Rational Functional Tester 8.3 iFix01 does not contain fixes to its predecessor fix packs. It contains the following changes:
  1. IBM Rational Functional Tester extension for Google Chrome now available on the Google Chrome Web Store.
  2. Contains the fix for the script failure playback problem in Rational Functional Tester Microsoft Visual Studio Integration on Google Chrome browsers.
Initial Release (8.3)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM59427 Rational Functional Tester identifies the .name and .text properties with a null value for VB6 edit boxes.
PM59566 Rational Functional Tester is unable to get the Html.SPAN and Html.IMG properties as expected in Linux environments.
PM59696 Rational Functional Tester is unable to find the context menu for Eclipse applications in Linux environments.
PM65298 Test cases that are run in Rational Functional Tester 8.1 .NET Scripting run comparatively slower in Rational Functional Tester .NET Scripting.
PM66414 Playback occurs incorrectly for elements in combo boxes that contain the optgroup tag.
PM66775 The playback process shuts down unexpectedly with a segmentation fault on trying to clean up the shared memory.
PM66781 The result of running a Rational Functional Tester script is not displayed in Rational Quality Manager.
PM66985 Security dialog boxes are not recognized during recording.
PM67355 Objects are not recognized properly in multiple Mozilla Firefox tabs when the object finder is used.
PM67826 It is not possible to do cut, copy and paste operations in a datapool by using the mouse.
PM68057 An exception occurs in German operating systems when dialog boxes in Notepad are closed.
PM68299 Click operations on the first row of a data grid are not played back correctly in Mozilla Firefox.
PM68526 Objects are not merged if the root object is a regular expression.
PM68920 An error occurs on German operating systems when scripts are opened after merging object maps.
PM70104 The SetAjaxTraceOn() method causes a Property .ajaxTraceOn is read only error in Internet Explorer 9.0.
PM70663 Right-click operations on Dojo tree nodes are not played back.
PM71000 Playback occurs incorrectly on data grids with the ItemRenderer.
PM71228 On playback, actions on Dojo calendar text box controls cause an exception.
PM71327 The hasFocus() API does not work with Mozilla Firefox 10.0.
PM71635 Rational Functional Tester is unable to select an option element in a listbox when the option element is not in view.
PM71688 Rational Functional Tester errors are not logged in the rft_log.txt file.
PM71790 Html setText is slower in Rational Functional Tester 8.2.2 than in version 8.2.
PM71883 An unhandled exception occurs when playback shuts down unexpectedly, causing a core dump in Rational Functional Tester
PM72291 A warning is displayed in IBM Installation Manager after installing Rational Functional Tester when one of the Asian languages is selected.
PM72302 After upgrading to Rational Functional Tester, the getProperty() method leads to the AmbiguousRecognitionException on playback.
PM73399 On Chinese operating systems, an error occurs on closing the Logging and Tracing settings pane in the Rational Functional Tester Preferences window.
PM73715 An ObjectNotFound exception occurs with call scripts in Rational Functional Tester, while standalone playback works as expected.
PM73892 Rational Functional Tester results are written to the wrong log in Rational Quality Manager for test cases.
PM74038 Rational Functional Tester is unable to record a script when Java FX 2.x is present.
PM71674 During playback in Internet Explorer, Rational Functional Tester either fails to click scrolled text nodes or clicks incorrect nodes.
PM63789 Coexistence of Rational Functional Tester 8.2 and Microsoft Visual Studio causes an unspecified failure error.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI20724 When number of columns in actual object is greater than number of columns in expected object, "REPLACE VP BASELINE" fails
PI05772 IE9 - TestObject Inspector is unable to recognize the controls properly after scrolling down the page
PI19758 Playback Java process Crashes due to SpyHeap overflow on long run
PI12253 Playback failed on Firefox ESR 24 for application that uses JQuery
PI20123 FVT->RFT8.5.1.2[html]>Playback fails with "com.rational.test.ft.sys.InvalidSpyMemReference" exception for most of the automated scripts
PI20148 Snippet Java code in simplified scripts disappeared
PI20272 Signing of Chrome Enablement Test page Jar
PI20281 Issue With DojoTree Control in CQ 7.1.2
PI20405 Passport Canada | VP Comparator freezes when opened from RQM log
PI14779 Playback on SAPGUI throws ObjectNotFoundException for any control.
Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM99726 waitForExistence() fails in Firefox and Chrome.
PI09846 Internet Explorer 10 crashes while recording/inserting HTML tables.
PI07493 Windows 7 64-bit | Visual Studio Integration | Getting "Package Load failure" error while creating/opening an RFT project.
PI06052 WPF ListVIew : Recorder throws wrapped exception while clicking the scroll bar in WPF list view.
PM91085 Unable to save recorded scripts through the File Download pop-up.
PI05745 Executing Test Scripts: RFT log path with a trailing backslash results in incorrect formatting of the HTML logs.
PI08764 Simplified Script: Skip and Continue does not work for the Object Not Found handler.
PI08261 Expanding the Flex Treeview fails during playback.
PI08821 InvokeScript API does not work correctly with Internet Explorer 9 and 10.
PI09129 Playback crashes on Internet Explorer with Dojogrid that has struck-out rows.
PI08791 RFT throws 'Cannot enable JVM' error while playing back a script by Standard User with dynamic enablement.
PI09636 Datapool Export | Export of datapools does not properly handle double-quotes.
PI09212 RFT cannot test applications running with JRE 1.4.
PI10367 find() cannot find controls inside frames in case any frame contains objects such as PDF that is not supported.
PI10356 RFT does not work with Google Chrome version 32.
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI05061 Unable to save data after deleting row(s) in the data grid in the DataVP taken on an HTML table.
PM95632 RFT records action twice in Siebel.
PM92998 Dojo Tree recording adds the leaf node twice in the click AtPath.
PI07501 After installation, RFT does not launch successfully.
PI06060 Unable to drill down controls inside iframe when another iframe has a pdf embedded.
PM98549 Multiple issues with Script find on Chrome.
PI07485 French Language test fails when the decimal character is set to comma.
PI07003 RFT script playback hangs when run from RQM.
PM93276 RFT is unable to highlight/playback actions on Open Dialog Window in AppScan application.
PI07030 inputChars() throws "MethodNotFoundException" "CRFCN0019E" when format set to Turkish in regional settings.
PI05209 Playback Log: Result Steps displayed in xml report are out of order
PM94364 Unable to find the Dojo grid when ".dojoclass" property is included.
PM96366 Silverlight: Script using find() method does not play back.
PM91358 Firefox does not provide an option to capture the grid value using 'Table contents with children'.
PI06223 UnSupportedAction Exceptoin, NoScreenPointFound is thrown during playback in Internet Explorer 10.
PI05880 The Playback Monitor starts, but nothing gets executed.
PI05649 "Open Simple Log" [Playback Log] during script playback through RQM results in garbled Chinese characters.
Mod Pack 1 (8.5.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM77402 When multiple JREs are installed, Rational Functional Tester uses the latest version even if it is not enabled.
PM87907 inputChar to browser causes the subsequent actions not to perform action on AUT
PM89978 After clicking on the combobox, getProperties gives hasFocus as true, but comboBoxcomboBox().hasFocus() returns false.
PM92387 Rational Functional Tester 8.5 cannot be installed from Launchpad64 or Launchpad on Windows 7 64-bit.
PM94501 Objects and verification points are not being found in Internet Explorer 9.
PM96340 Playback on multi-select failing in Chrome.
PM95957 Multi selection of listbox is inconsistent.
PM96028 Files created in %TEMP% directory not being removed after dropdowns are parsed
PM96033 When a close event is issued, without issuing a "stop adapter" event, the console window is closed but, the processes corresponding to the RFT adapter are still active.
PM96207 Some help topics are missing
PM92455 Performance issue with Chrome find when using getRootTestObject on complex AUTs
PI04690 Java crashes intermittently during long playback on Win32 applications
PM98459 Issues with dynamic find in case of non-mappable controls
PM96207 During playback, RFT cannot find objects in a secondary browser window (in Siebel application)
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM95344 IBM Installation Manager v1.6.3 Launch window size is bigger than before.
PM91483 The Checked for radio button on Chrome browser always returns false.
PM91085 Unable to save recorded script on Internet Exlporer 9 popup.
PM87452 Dojo recording for grid is incorrect for rows 25 onwards.
PM87087 During playback, values that are not visible in dropdown menus cannot be selected.
PM84201 The find() API takes much longer on Chrome that on Internet Exlporer.
PM79639 Playback with Java application is slow with multiple browser tabs open.
PM77054 Double-byte characters are missing during playback.
PM76201 TextNode enumerated differently under 8.2.2.
PM77402 When multiple JREs are installed, RFT uses the latest JRE version even if not enabled.
PM79717 Functional Show Checkouts view does not open Java files.
PM92747 Playback process crashes on long run for RCP application.
PM94264 In Chrome, the ToggleGUITestObject.getState() does change the .checked property.
PM77056 XML playback result log filters are not working.
PM77064 Fails to find the browser when Thunderbird client is open.
PM77401 getDomains() does not return the correct domain with static and dynamic enablement.
PM77594 Datapool cannot be opened on Japanese VS 2010.
PM79646 Unable to click on control if it is exactly under the horizontal scrollbar.
PM93476 RFT 8.5 Eclipse IDE: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance is broken.
PM81321 TestObjectFinder.findByPropertySet() fails to find test objects.
PM84477 Chrome browse's HtmlBrowser object does not have any property.
PM86882 RFT terminal type VT-220: FTE hangs after keyboard remap.
PM87894 Invoke method throws "Not on Event Dispatch Thread" exception.
PM88002 AUT crashes during recording with error message stating "application has stopped working."
PM88004 Any recording action on the child window closes the application.
PM88383 Documentation for configuring Flex runtimeloader needs correction.
PM88699 Errors when using -compile option from command line.
PM89977 RFT does not create verification point if data contains new-line.
PM90275 Internet Explorer browser crashes during playback.
PM90910 VP baseline is not created in an RFT project on a shared location when script is located inside folder and run from RQM.
PM90911 Chrome enablement fails with message "Java plug-in is needed your permission to run."
PM91096 Unable to select value from combobox if the combobox is in Internet Explorer popup/dialog.
PM91098 Playback on combobox crashes on Internet Explorer.
PM92376 RQM shows same value for actual value and expected value in case of failed VP.
PM92391 TestObject Inspector does not display the .documentName property on Internet Explorer 9.
PM92806 RFT can't open VP comparator for failed VP from RQM detailed logs.
PM92947 RFT fails to recognize Java controls after an embedded PDF is opened.
PM92076 RFT 8.2.1 to RFT upgradation with update(delta) disks fails, but works when upgraded directly from support site.
Initial Release (8.5)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM74996 Browser enablement tests mention incorrect menu options when enablement fails.
PM77957 A properties verification point (VP) does not show all the children in the Windows and .NET domains.
PM79180 Playback fails on Mozilla Firefox 10.0 browsers for controls inside iFrame.
PM80622 Rational Functional Tester fails to play back on HTML tables.
PM83104 An error occurs while testing an enabled Java runtime environment (JRE) in Linux environments.
PM84792 The DojoButton isEnabled() method returns true for both enabled and disabled buttons.
PM84793 Rational Functional Tester becomes unresponsive while selecting verification points.
PM85979 Rational Functional Tester does not capture grid headers for a PowerBuilder AllData verification point.
PM85985 On Microsoft Windows XP, data verification points on PowerBuilder menu items do not contain the Menu Hierarchy with properties option.
PM85986 Right-click actions on a datagrid are recorded as left-click actions.
PM85987 Actions such as pressing Shift and click, and Ctrl and click on a datagrid are recorded without modifiers.
PM86184 If the verification point name exceeds 75 characters, the error message that is displayed does not reflect the correct status.
PM86411 On PowerBuilder12.5, a NullPointerException occurs when selecting a value from the datagrid contextmenu using find().
PM86425 If a verification point (VP) baseline is replaced when the datagrid data has a column selected, the selection is lost after replacement.
PM87686 When multiple root nodes have the same name, Rational Functional Tester fails to click the node.
PM89334 Notepad shuts down unexpectedly when performing a drag operation.
PM73010 On Citrix servers, Rational Functional Tester version runs slow after upgrading from version 8.1.
PM86030 In Rich Client Platform (RCP) 64 bit applications, some controls are not retrieved on playback.

[{"Line of Business":{"code":"LOB36","label":"IBM Automation"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Product":{"code":"SSJMXE","label":"Rational Functional Tester"},"ARM Category":[{"code":"a8m0z000000boAoAAI","label":"Documentation->Functional Tester"}],"ARM Case Number":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF017","label":"Mac OS"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"All Version(s)"}]

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23 March 2021