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Develop integrations and leverage collaboration in the cloud using a single source.

Access a set of extensible tools and resources for developers who want to incorporate IBM cloud-based collaboration capabilities into their applications and business processes.

Integrated applications and services

Explore integrated applications and services to extend your social and collaboration capabilities.



A must-have solution for sales, marketing and

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customer support professionals who needs to interact and collaborate with their customers and prospects as part of their customer relationship process.

SugarCRM offers a fully integrated customer relationship management and online collaboration solution that helps simplify working with prospects and customers during the lead generation, lead to cash and issue resolution processes.

Terms: Requires SugarCRM account.

Security & Compliance


e-Sign Live by Silvanis is the world’s leading electronic

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signature solution. Our software automates business transactions that require secure, compliant and enforceable e-signatures. Recognized as the enterprise market leader, we are responsible for processing more than 600 million documents annually.

e-SignLive seamlessly integrates with IBM Connections Cloud to provide users the ability to send and receive documents for e-signature.

Terms: Requires an e-SignLive account.

Community & Collaboration


Open Clove Video Conversations is a group

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video chat application for IBM social platforms including IBM Connections and IBM Meetings. It allows users to engage in real-time video and audio conversations with their colleagues and peers while collaborating on the social platforms.

OpenClove is available on the Google Chrome browser as a free widget, which can be enabled by visiting the Chrome App Store. For iOS and Android devices download the LiveBoard Lite browser at Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. Download it from using your iOS or Android device.

Terms: Free monthly limited use subscription.

Community & Collaboration


SaneBox helps you stop drowning in email - it filters

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out and summarizes unimportant emails. It has lots of other features to help you breeze through your inbox. SaneBox analyzes your past interactions with your inbox to determine what's important to you. It moves unimportant emails out of your inbox into a separate folder and summarizes them in a digest.

With SaneBox your team can focus on what's important without missing anything. It offers a full suite of email productivity tools, including 1-click unsubscribe, snoozing non-urgent emails, reminders when people ignore your emails, moving attachments to IBM Cloud, and email productivity leaderboard.

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Community & Collaboration

File Jockey by Lialis

A must-have for your mobile work force, File Jockey is

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designed to connect third party apps (like Goodreader, Pages and Notability) with the files stored in IBM Cloud. All apps and programs that support the WebDAV protocol are supported. Mac computers are supported via the Forklift program.

File Jockey provides the freedom to choose the app or program most suitable for the task at hand. For example, Sales Reps on the road must have all files locally stored on their iPad or Android device and they need to press just one button to download the latest version of the files from the IBM Cloud to their preferred device.

Terms: Available through cloud service pay as you go plan (first 2 months free) Information:

Community & Collaboration


Hootsuite is a social relationship platform for

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organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one secure, web-based dashboard. Hootsuite has integrated IBM Connections to break down the barrier between enterprise communications and external social media.

Employees can now access their IBM Communities and personal social networks side-by-side in the Hootsuite dashboard, allowing them to bring outside information directly into the organization to spark collaboration and drive company alignment around new business opportunities.

Terms: Requires Hootsuite Enterprise account. Information:

Community & Collaboration


KangoGift's employee recognition platform helps

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companies deliver praise and rewards in a fun and meaningful way. Streamline your social and reward programs in this SmartCloud offering. Companies can manage their peer, spot, and service award programs in one integrated solution.

KangoGift enables you to send recognition certificates aligned to company values. Send digital gift cards from 100+ global brands (optional). Capture frequent praise and feedback from all levels of the organization. Offer an HR-approved way to capture, deliver, and measure praise.

Terms: Requires a KangoGift account. Information:

Community & Collaboration


Culturevate provides industry-leading innovation

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technology and training, focused on empowering employees to execute ideas with measurable ROI.

The Culturevate Innovation Library includes a rotating, tailored selection of materials that engage and connect employees with exclusive documents that provide practical and consistent guidance for employees on innovative activities such as running a successful ideation session, idea stakeholder identification, approaches to business planning, and more.

Articles, videos and book summaries, curated from leading innovation-focused authors across the internet, aligned with a company’s needs are updated weekly. Materials can be accessed from an application seamlessly integrated into the toolbar.

Terms: Requires a Culturevate account Information:

Project Management


ProjExec Live delivers intuitive, mobile-friendly

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project management and helps enable effective collaboration on projects of any size. ProjExec Live synchronizes round trip with Microsoft Project (any version) and other compatible Project Management tools.

ProjExec Live enables users to invite other users (including external guests) as project members. Receive automatic project status updates and communicate and share in real-time using the Project Wall, a Facebook-style activity stream spanning multiple projects. Get progress updates, roll-up and consolidate automatically, with real-time visual status of projects and project portfolios.

Watch how ProjExec Live makes projects social in this overview video.

Terms: Requires ProjExec Live account. Information:

Cloud Integration

Cast Iron

With IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration you

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can connect your company’s hybrid world of public clouds, private clouds and on-premise applications much more simply. This service helps you deliver cloud integration projects in days and achieve higher return on your software as a service (SaaS) investment.

IBM Websphere Cast Iron Cloud integration allows you to develop cloud integrations easily with reusable process templates and the use of a “configuration, not coding” approach.

Terms: Requires a Cast Iron account. Information:

Mail Migration


Transend Migrator converts email data from virtually any

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messaging system to all IBM mail platforms, including SmartCloud and Verse. One user interface allows end-users and technicians to convert all data types (messages/folders, address books, calendars and tasks) from a central location, quickly, easily and affordably.

Transend Migrator supports individual mailbox migrations as well as mass, unattended migration of thousands of mailboxes.

Terms: Requires the Transend Migrator for IBM Web Mail Cloud tool.