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IBM Watson Health is now Merative™

Taking our industry-leading data, analytics, and software to the next level

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A health professional smiling with a stethoscope aroung her neck


A new chapter

Healthcare is ready to imagine a new future. We know we can do better than fractured systems and disparate information.

The last couple of years have shown us our collective capacity for change and resilience. It’s the right time for the industry to reimagine itself.

It’s a complex task, because it’s not enough to aggregate data from different siloes. It requires more than simply the secure exchange of health data, but also the application of advanced analytics and AI to generate insights.

Watson Health wants to be part of the solution. That’s why we’re dedicated to putting knowledge in the hands of the people who need it – whether clinicians, administrators or patients – so we can move forward, together.

To that end, as recently announced, we are starting a new chapter.

What will stay the same

Essential combination of technology + expertise

To drive shared progress in health, we believe in the essential combination of technology and human experience.

After the transaction closes, you can expect the same commitment to collaboration. You can also expect continuity in customer agreements and the same level of talent and expertise.

We’ll continue to deliver advanced technology and deep expertise in healthcare. Since Watson Health’s inception, we have helped healthcare digitally transform and apply advanced technologies, including AI.


We believe our existing solutions hold a lot of promise to continue to help transform the healthcare industry. Learn more about each area:

Health Insights

Analyze, visualize and report complex data for your healthcare programs with an integrated data warehouse and analytics portfolio.

Learn more

Support informed, evidence-based clinical decision making, drug supply chain management and patient education.

Learn more
Social Program Management

End-to-end workflow to help you manage health and social program administration, including eligibility, benefit management and family support programs.

Learn more
IBM Clinical Development

Accelerate clinical trials with a unified, cloud-based clinical data management system designed to help you from start up to submission.

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Enterprise Imaging

Build an enterprise imaging environment with a scalable, AI-wired infrastructure that centralizes your data to make it available across the continuum of care.

Learn more

Insights from this integrated, patient-level claims data from 273 million unique patient lives can help you demonstrate the clinical and commercial value of your treatments.

Learn more

What will change

Preparing for a new health paradigm

Going forward, we expect to benefit from the enhanced investment and expertise of a healthcare-industry focused portfolio.

Together, we believe that enabling our organization to fully focus on its healthcare mission, along with expanding access to capital investment, will help propel our business to the next level.

As we emerge from the pandemic, the industry has a unique opportunity for change. The industry needs innovative solutions like ours to rise to today’s challenges, including:

  • Deriving value from expanding health data sets
  • Meeting regulatory changes that require more data sharing
  • Rising expectations from healthcare consumers who want better experiences
  • Advancing technology – cloud, blockchain, AI – for competitive advantage

It’s the right time to make sure our business is in the best position to help the industry transform. We aim to be a driving force, using the breadth of our portfolio and depth of our expertise, to put people at the center of health.