Feature spotlights

Comprehensive and Automated genomic interpretation

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Watson for Genomics automates the annotation and prioritization of cancer genomic aberrations, highlighting their therapeutic, prognostic and diagnostic significance. The system identifies a comprehensive list of potential targeted therapy and immunotherapy options and biomarker-based clinical trial options. The molecular profile feature provides in-depth clinical interpretation of the genetic alterations in the sample, empowering clinicians with insights and information to provide personalize

Fast and efficient

Watson for Genomics is designed to allow its user to save time and reduce variability across reports with rapid and efficient interpretation across cancers.

Clearly defined Level of Evidence Model

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Identified therapeutic options associated with each alteration are supported by a drug overview, the mechanism of action and rationale for the association in a clearly defined level of evidence model. The level of evidence factors into the degree of clinical relevance of a biomarker in Watson for Genomics. Information about drug responsiveness and drug resistance is provided with the sources of evidence presented via hyperlinks to enable easy navigation. Evidence sources include but are not li

Secure and privacy-compliant

Watson for Genomics is designed to comply with HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

Expertly validated, comprehensive clinical content

Watson for Genomics accomplishes this by leveraging AI to extract unstructured data from peer-reviewed literature to grow its knowledge base. It provides variant information and clinical content— based on the updated approved therapeutic options (including targeted and immunotherapy options), professional guidelines, biomarker-based clinical trial options, genomic databases and relevant publications. All content is validated by subject matter experts.

Scalable SaaS service

Watson for Genomics is designed to allow scalability for large sample volumes, achieved through a ready to use model with API access to batch upload cases and download results. Initial use requires minimal configuration and no additional hardware purchase.

Ingests diverse inputs

Watson for Genomics provides comprehensive interpretation across cancer types and supports all gene panel sizes including whole exome and whole genome sequencing. The breadth of cancers includes, but is not limited to, solid tumors, hematological malignancies as well as pediatric cancers. It supports a wide variety of input formats for a comprehensive assessment of the alteration types relevant in somatic cancer.