Get relevant insights and make the right business decisions

Dig deeper into millions of interactions on Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Google Plus, Wordpress, Reddit and more. Uncover hidden customer insights in seconds so you can ramp up your brand. Watson Analytics for Social Media sifts through individual comments and posts and displays results around topics you choose. See who is mentioning your brand, product, or service, and when and where.

Understand the audience sentiment with context, and if what they’re saying is positive or negative. And with Watson Analytics built in, you can pair these insights with those from your own data for a comprehensive view of your audience and your business. Be empowered to make the right decisions with greater accuracy. Achieve better results in hours, not months.

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Deeper insights

Move beyond your assumptions with conversation clusters, find relevant groups of key words and phrases that are important to your audience.

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Better understanding

Tune your sentiment analysis based on context, so you can be confident you're getting an accurate assessment of your brand health and reception of your product.

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Comprehensive view

Enhance your view of your business or product by adding social media data to your existing information, with guided configuration, smart data discovery, and visualization, all on a single platform.

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Timely analysis

Save time sorting through millions of sources, easily configure your query in minutes to deliver only the insights relevant to your analysis, and get to the action at the speed of your business.


How customers use Watson Analytics for Social Media

To help clients become thought leaders through data-driven marketing, Liquid Newsroom needed to explore new markets and discover what's trending. IBM Analytics enables the company to capture and analyze social media data in hours instead of days, helping to deliver insight to clients at the speed needed for real-time marketing.