IBM Netcool Operations Insight features

Connect, observe and ingest

Manage any resource virtually across local, hybrid and multi cloud environments with an it operations management solution that integrates with your existing cloud infrastructure.

Reduce noise and incidents

AI driven, automated consolidation and grouping of events into smarter and actionable incident data delivers an event management solution that helps reduce manual processes and keeps teams efficient.

Get relevant context

Automated event management helps you quickly understand what is happening or happened with enriched and relevant context to speed up probable cause determination. The process relates incidents to changes in physical IT assets, on-premises workloads, orchestration and provisioning hybrid cloud management layers or virtually any other IT resources.

Automate responses

Create, manage and execute guided or fully automated responses for rapid incident resolution, automatically resolving events in real-time before they impact end users or critical internal business services.


Work smarter with automated tickets using AI and machine-learning to keep relevant stakeholders connected for effective collaboration.

Manage service and topology

Gain visibility into dynamic, cross-domain dependencies across the full stack for mission critical services. Quickly localize event data to the "blast radius" with topology-based event grouping to better understand incidents and restore service faster.

Get historical topology

Wind the clock back and see the changes leading up to an incident. Visualize shifting dependencies and transient artifacts through history to help determine the root cause faster. Integrate with your configuration management database (CMDB) to provide a federated view of changes in your environment.

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