Large enterprise servers

The IBM Power Systems™ E850C, E870C and E880C, with OpenStack based cloud management and open source automation, enable clients to accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure for cloud while providing flexibility during the transition. These systems provide increased security, high availability, rapid scalability, simplified maintenance and management, while driving business growth at reduced costs.

IBM Power Systems E850C, optimized for private cloud deployment

Offers a unique blend of enterprise-class capabilities in a reliable, space-efficient 4-socket 4U form factor that delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price.

IBM Power Systems E870C, transform your IT infrastructure to a local cloud

Provides increased security, high availability, rapid scalability with simplified maintenance and management for a world-class enterprise private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. It also enables business growth and dramatically reduces your costs.

IBM Power System E880C, provides flexible environment for cloud and IT

Helps develop a large cloud infrastructure with increased security, high availability, rapid scalability, simplified maintenance, and management — all while enhancing business growth.

How businesses benefit from enterprise servers for cloud

IBM Power savings calculator

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Würth Group success story

Learn how Würth Group enhances efficiency and generates fresh retail insights with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems.