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What is business process management (BPM)?

Business process management (BPM) leverages software and services to provide total visibility into your organization’s business processes. BPM helps you automate, monitor and optimize continuously improve business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

To begin your BPM journey, you must be focused on delivering business value. Success breeds success, so take an incremental approach that allows you to quickly prove value with a single project, build competency and skills and only then extend your journey across the enterprise.

Why is BPM important for my business?

Business process management is critical to the way that nearly all organizations operate. That’s because business processes lay the foundation for back-office and front-office business functions — from managing invoices and records to quickly opening customer accounts and offering real-time promotional offers to prospects. At the end of the day, business processes allow all the different parts of an organization to efficiently and effectively work together toward their common goal of serving customers better.

In the past, most organizations used BPM to achieve cost savings and productivity gains. But more recently, BPM has evolved to focus more on better serving customers. This emphasis on creating exceptional customer experiences has motivated companies seeking to remain competitive to adopt BPM practices and acquire BPM software.

How do I get started with BPM?

Graphic illustrating the three stages in the journey of adopting business process management to achieve process improvement

Business process management and process improvement can seem challenging in the face of complex, interdependent and dynamic business processes, but the right approach can get you there.

Icon representing the business value that the adoption of BPM is expected to provide to the organization

Start with business value

Successful business process improvement initiatives start with business value. Organizations must understand their business goals and strategy, then analyze their current processes to identify those that will deliver the greatest return on investment.

Icon representing the need to select an initial project for which to adopt BPM that will deliver business value quickly

Select an initial project

Process improvement initiatives must deliver some quantifiable success or stakeholder commitment and project funding can dry up. By starting with a manageable project you can develop process improvement skills and deliver value to the business quickly, ensuring commitment, funding and success of subsequent projects.

Icon representing the extension of BPM to other parts of the enterprise in order to maximize the value of BPM to the business

Extend BPM across the enterprise

Once you have successfully completed an initial project, then you can start expanding your BPM adoption to additional projects, leveraging and sharing your expertise along the way to truly build a business process improvement program within your organization.

Learn more about BPM

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Carlsberg Group
The Carlsberg Group – Denmark uses IBM business process software to eliminate product order errors and reduce by 90 percent the processing time for cooler orders.

Process and case management with IBM’s workflow automation

Design and manage end-to-end workflows with IBM Business Automation Workflow

Process mapping with IBM Blueworks Live

Successful BPM projects require you to discover and document your processes. Get started today with IBM Blueworks Live™ (link resides outside ibm.com) — a secure business process mapping and modeling solution hosted on the IBM Cloud, allowing non-technical end users to capture and share process knowledge and easily build models that can be exported into BPM for automation.

Process and case management with IBM’s workflow automation

Automate workflows to present the relevant information for cases in context of content-related business processes like customer service, loan applications or claim adjudication.

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