Explore all your data to uncover insights and unlock value

With IBM Watson® Explorer, a cognitive exploration and content analysis platform, you can hear your data talking. Explore and analyze unstructured and structured content to uncover trends and patterns that improve decision-making, customer service and ROI. IBM clients have used Watson Explorer to understand 100 percent of incoming calls and emails, improving the quality of information and their ability to use that information. Built-in cognitive capabilities — powered by machine learning models, natural language processing and next-generation APIs — can unlock value from all your data and help you gain secure 360-degree view of customers.

Make a million documents as easy as one

A large insurance company processed millions of claims a year. A complex claim that took two days to process can now be completed in 10 minutes with Watson Explorer.

Unlock secrets hiding in your data

A global automotive manufacturer used Watson Explorer to identify defects faster, preventing expensive recalls and saving lives.

Get results fast with cognitive assist

A global airline used Watson Explorer to enable a crew of over 2,000 to react more quickly to maintenance issues. With the help of IBM, over 200,000 cases per year are addressed 90 percent faster.

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Cognitive Content Mining
Cognitive Content Mining
Cognitive Exploration
Cognitive Exploration
Cognitive  Advice
Cognitive Advice

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