IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL and Databases for Redis Are Now Generally Available

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Announcing the General Availability of IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL and Redis in the US South Region

IBM Cloud is announcing the General Availability of IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL and IBM Cloud Databases for Redis in the US South Region. These database-as-a-service products are fully managed, highly available, and built from the ground up with enterprise security in mind. These services are scalable, cost-efficient, and readily usable for enterprise application development.

Built for enterprise

Stability and security are paramount for enterprise applications. To protect your application against single data center outages, we always deploy in a Multi-AZ architecture in IBM Cloud public regions, with a 99.95% SLA.

We provide data-in-motion encryption through TLS and at-rest encryption for data on disk and backups. Each database allows an integration with IBM Key Protect; so for data at rest, clients can bring their own key and manage its lifecycle.

For business continuity, backups are mission critical. But they can be lengthy and exhaustive to set up, maintain, coordinate, and monitor for different database technologies. With Databases for PostgreSQL and Databases for Redis, backup orchestration comes out of the box with a 30-day retention window. That means more time for users to spend on their data models, queries, and application development. The service also uses IBM Cloud’s Cross-Regional Object Storage, where available, for increased resiliency against in-region disasters.

Native integration with IBM Cloud

Natively integrated and available in the IBM Cloud console, these open source databases are now available through a consistent consumption, pricing, and interaction model. They provide a unified experience for developers that includes access control, backup orchestration, encryption key management, and auditing.

Built on a Kubernetes foundation, they offer an ideal database platform for serverless applications. Databases for PostgreSQL and Databases for Redis include the following:

Serverless consumption model

We are excited for our customers to use these new services that are easy to buy, deploy, and scale. For example, clients are now able to scale storage and compute resources seamlessly and independently without being constrained by the limits of server sizes. There is no downtime for scaling events, allowing clients to start small and grow as their business grows on IBM Cloud or scale down operations for seasonal applications. The databases deploy in minutes, are billed hourly, and are a simple API call away.

Database disk capacity is $0.58/Gigabyte-Month and RAM is $5/Gigabyte-Month. Databases for PostgreSQL and Databases for Redis deploy by default with two data members configured for High Availability. For localized pricing, you can check out the IBM Cloud catalog tile.

Databases for PostgreSQL Pricing Example:

10GB Disk: 2*10*$0.58 = $11.6

1GB RAM: 2*1*$5 = $10

Total per month = $22.6/Month

Total per hour = $.03/Hour

Users also receive their total disk space purchased, per database, in free backup storage. For example, in a month, if you have a Databases for PostgreSQL instance that has provisioned 10GB of Disk which has two data members, you receive 20GB of backup storage free for that month. If your backup storage utilization is greater than 20GB for the month in this scenario, each GB is charged at an overage $0.03/month. Most deployments will not ever go over the allotted credit.

Let’s get going

The IBM Cloud Databases family is the next generation of our IBM Compose platform. We recommend that any users of IBM Compose that are building new applications and have open source relational and caching requirements should deploy on Databases for PostgreSQL and Databases for Redis instead of Compose for PostgreSQL and Compose for Redis. Though it is only available in US South today, we will be deploying across the other IBM Cloud regions over the course of this year and into the beginning of next year.

Get started with IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL 


PostgreSQL is an object-relational SQL database that is complemented by powerful enhancements like indexable JSON, publish/subscribe functions, and drivers. The technology is commonly used for web and mobile transactional applications, business intelligence, and geospatial analysis with PostGIS.


Get started with IBM Cloud Databases for Redis


Redis is a powerful, open source, in-memory key value store that acts as a cache, queue, or transient store designed for the modern application stack. Applications typically use the Redis for database and web caching or counting and queuing.

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