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Accelerate Playbook creation in Ansible Automation Platform with generative-AI powered content recommendations

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AI-powered content recommendations to accelerate automation

IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant for Red Hat® Ansible® Lightspeed demystifies the process of Ansible Playbook creation through generative AI-powered content recommendations. Purpose-built to accelerate IT Automation, the product is designed to deliver automation content recommendations for an enhanced Ansible experience.

The product can generate syntactically correct and contextually relevant content using natural language requests written in plain English text. An organization using IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed in a pilot obtained productivity improvements from 20-45%, and 60% of Ansible Playbook content was generated from AI content recommendations.

Watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed provides the flexibility to deploy its large language model either on-premises or as-a-service. Explore our interactive pricing estimator to evaluate your price based on the scope of your needs.

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Generate and explain full Ansible Playbooks using AI

Generate and explain Ansible Playbooks faster with watsonx Code Assistant Empower developers with a chat-style experience to generate full Ansible Playbooks and better understand their new and existing Playbooks.

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Now generally available: Playbook generation on SaaS and On-Premises availability, read more in our announcement blog

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Benefits Content generation

Simplify the process of generating Ansible Playbooks by using natural language inputs in the Ansible Task description. 

Enhance productivity

Meet automation developers where they work by integrating AI-content recommendations into their integrated development environment (IDE).

Democratize automation

Enable developers of all skill sets to have access to automation across more lines of business by generating content with natural language and plain English text.

Content source matching

Gain transparency into the potential sources used in training data for content recommendations, including the author and license. 

Model tuning

Further customize the model with your existing Ansible Playbook content for more personalized code recommendations that are similar and fit for your enterprise.

Playbook generation and code explanation

Leverage a chat-style experience to generate and explain Ansible content from single and multi-task prompts.

Client success stories Water Corporation

Learn how watsonx Code Assistant technology accelerated the creation of Ansible playbooks and cut development efforts and associated costs by 30%. 

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Office of the CIO

Using generative AI reduced playbook development effort by over 50% in IBM CIO Organization Pilot.

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IBM Consulting

IBM Consulting achieved a 30% reduction in Ansible Playbook development effort while maintaining quality, compliance and resiliency. 

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How to buy

Explore our flexible pricing options and interactive pricing estimator to learn more about pricing and how to get started with accelerating your automation initiatives with IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed.

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