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Cyber-resilient data storage

Get market-leading performance and efficiency from the unified IBM Storage FlashSystem platform family, allowing you to streamline administration and operational complexity across on-premises, hybrid cloud, virtualized and containerized environments.

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IBM Storage FlashSystem, powered by IBM Storage Virtualize and with IBM Storage Insights, can optimize your storage infrastructure using predictive analytics and cloud-based management and support.

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reduction in admin efforts by consolidating and managing storage arrays as one pool for greater operational simplicity.¹


increase in storage cost efficiency by using predictive analytics and AI-infused health monitoring capabilities to optimize storage.²


uptime for IBM Storage FlashSystem arrays provided by IBM Storage Virtualize high-availability capabilities.³

Features Enhance your cloud storage experience Cyber resiliency

Ensure continuity of operations by protecting your data with flash storage backup solutions that help speed recovery from cyberattacks.

High performance

Achieve fast response times with low latency and high availability by using flash storage for mission-critical workloads.

Intelligent operations

Streamline data management and support by optimizing storage and networking with predictive analytics from AI-powered IBM Storage Insights.

Simple to operate

Streamline operations with a consistent storage software platform that provides enterprise-grade all-flash and hybrid flash capabilities across environments.

Flexible consumption

Procure capacity on demand and combine the control of on-premises storage and the agility of cloud with IBM-maintained storage as a service.

Consistent from edge to core to cloud

Unify the view of your storage environment and enable seamless data mobility and storage management both on-premises and in the cloud.

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IBM Storage FlashSystem wins on TrustRadius IBM Storage FlashSystem has won a Top Rated award from TrustRadius for Enterprise Flash Array Storage Solutions based on its excellent customer satisfaction ratings. See why IBM is Top Rated

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Product specifications

IBM Storage FlashSystem 5000

IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200

IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300

IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500

Maximum bandwidth (reads)

12 GB per second

21 GB per second

50 GB per second

100 GB per second

Response times (reads)

< 70 microseconds

< 50 microseconds

< 50 microseconds

< 50 microseconds

Effective maximum capacity within single enclosure*

550 TBs (2U enclosure)

1.2 PBe (1U enclosure)

2.2 PBe (2U enclosure)

4.5 PBe (4U enclosure)

Processor/PCIe Gen

Intel Broadwell DE

Intel Sky Lake, Gen 3 PCIe

Intel Cascade Lake, Gen 3 PCIe

Intel Ice Lake, Gen 4 PCIe

Maximum front-end host ports





FlashCore Module capacities supported

Not applicable ( (supports industry standard modules)

4.8, 9.6, 19.2 and 38.4 TB

4.8, 9.6, 19.2 and 38.4 TB

4.8, 9.6, 19.2 and 38.4 TB

Use cases

- Server and desktop virtualization
- Production and development databases
- Containers
- Data center edge

- Oracle
- Server and desktop virtualization
- Production database
- Containers
- Workload consolidation

- Oracle
- Server and desktop virtualization
- Production database
- Containers
- In-memory database

- Oracle
- Server and desktop virtualization
- Production database
- Containers
- In-memory database


Starting at less than USD 15,200**

Starting at less than USD 42,400**

Starting at less than USD 118,600**

Explore IBM Storage FlashSystem 5000 Explore IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200 Explore IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300 Explore IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500

 * Assuming 3:1 data reduction

** Prices are displayed in USD and are only orientative.
Check here for your local pricing and currency

All FlashSystem products additionally support industry standard NVMe modules and SAS-connected traditional HDDs.

Case studies See all the case studies Data Action

With high-performance IBM Storage FlashSystem storage, Data Action hosts its IBM QRadar® SIEM solution. The deployment has had a significant impact on the ability of the security operations center (SOC) to analyze security threats.

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Micro Strategies

Using the IBM Storage portfolio, Micro Strategies created DataVault, a managed security service that helps clients quickly identify and recover from cyberattacks.

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Genus Power

By implemented IBM Storage FlashSystem, Genus Power modernized its storage infrastructure and improved response time for its enterprise workloads.

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Market leadership A Primary Storage Gartner Leader - for the 15th time in a row

Learn how we believe the IBM Storage FlashSystem single codebase, hybrid cloud storage infrastructure, compelling rack price/performance, and other factors positioned IBM as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Primary Storage Arrays.

305% ROI achieved with IBM Storage FlashSystem

Forrester interviewed 5 organizations to assess the Total Economic Impact of IBM Storage FlashSystem. See how they lower storage costs, increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime, improve application performance and enhance security.

Implementing Sustainable Storage Infrastructure

Understand better what to look for from storage vendors to reduce power consumption and total cost of ownership of enterprise storage.

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1, 2. The Total Economic Impact of IBM Spectrum Virtualize, Forrester Consulting, April 2020 (PDF, 851 KB)

3. Uptime calculated based on IBM analysis of installed systems built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software.