Changes to Databases for PostgreSQL Logging

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Starting after April 26, 2020, all deployments of IBM Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL will have a minor change in the format of PostgreSQL logs emitted into Log Analysis with LogDNA. 

All PostgreSQL logs will now include PostgreSQL error codes as a prefix to the existing log line. This change does not impact performance or increase log verbosity. It will, however, allow customers to trap and alert on log lines based on documented error codes.

An example error code might be the following, where [53100] represents the standard code for "disk_full": 

2019-11-29 11:09:06 CET dbtest 5de0ed48.25f [53100] disk_full ERROR: could not extend file "pg_tblspc/25193/PG_11_201809051/16387/25194": wrote only 4096 of 8192 bytes at block 14007

Keep in mind that alerting for "Insufficient Resources" error codes should be done with our Monitoring with Sysdig integration or mostly avoided by using autoscaling. 

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