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What is event-driven architecture?

Discover how event-driven architecture enables loosely coupled, real-time communication between connected applications and services through events.

What is API management?

Dive into the workings of API management, focusing on streamlining API creation, publishing, management and security in an enterprise and multicloud setting.

What is a message queue?

Learn the mechanics of message queues as a crucial component of messaging middleware, enabling asynchronous communication between applications and services.

The history of Kubernetes

Trace Kubernetes’ origins, milestones and key role in optimizing containerized app deployment and scaling in cloud and microservices environments.

Real-time data brings real-time business value

Understand why exploiting data in real-time is essential for business success and how Kafka and IBM® Data Replication offer these capabilities.

Accelerate efficiency gains with optimization and AI

Examine why integrating machine learning (ML), AI and decision optimization (DO) into business processes is essential for improving efficiency.

How technology can help save our water supply

Learn how IBM’s innovations in data and AI, and sustainability solutions, are helping organizations reduce waste and protect water resources.


Learn the fundamentals and hottest themes in middleware from our series of explainer videos.

Spring Boot versus Quarkus

Leverage the strength of each framework to maximize efficiency

5 fundamental application data services needed for successful container deployments

Learn how crucial application data services enhance container deployments, performance and employee efficiency, while cutting costs and risks.

Do you have a container strategy?

Dive into four use cases for development and operations for optimizing container management: better performance, reduced costs and compliance.

Cloud native apps for Java

Watch how to transform your Java apps into cloud-native to exploit cloud computing and integrate them within a holistic DevOps lifecycle process.

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