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Building resilient healthcare supply chains

Find out how the healthcare industry can address shortages, delays, rising costs, tight regulations and more with resilient supply chains.

What is smart transportation?

Explore the promise of smart transportation, an innovative approach that uses AI and ML to manage and optimize transportation systems.

Navigating the surge of sustainability disclosures: Is your multinational ready?

Explore the recommendations to align with the new sustainability requirements of disclosing your ESG data along with your financial statements.

Digital twin vs. digital thread: Two complementary ways to digitally replicate assets

Digital twin vs. digital thread: Two complementary ways to digitally replicate assets

Reshoring: The risks of swinging the pendulum too far

Find out the risks of reshoring too much and why a hybrid supply chain allows businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands.

What is energy management?

Explore how energy management helps businesses proactively monitor, control and optimize energy consumption to converse use and reduce energy costs.

What is the TCFD?

Find out how the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) seeks to keep investors better-informed about companies’ climate-related risks.

What is the SASB (Sustainable Accounting Standards Board?

Learn about SASB standards,a standards-setting organization that develops industry-specific standards for disclosing sustainability risks and opportunities.

Research reports

Read our research reports and surveys for guidance on meeting your sustainability goals

Redesigning brand values

Explore how in the consumer industry, sustainability and profit are converging in core operations—from product design to disposal, building more sustainable businesses.

Preparing electric utilities for the energy transition

See how insights from the Clean Electrification Maturity Model (CEMM) can help electric utilities accelerate decarbonization and modernization efforts, and achieve sustainability.

The ESG data conundrum

Discover why companies say that ESG (environmental, social and governance) is a top priority and see the effective use of ESG data as a way to accelerate profitability and growth.

IT Sustainability: Survey of global business leaders

Examine the survey which shows that IT sustainability is a top priority for business leaders and discover the challenges and opportunities businesses face to advance this cause.


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Empowering your organization to operationalize sustainability

Join John Granger, Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting, as he talks about using AI and automation to drive sustainability and profit with purpose.

Asset Management for Sustainability

Watch Eric Libow as he answers questions on asset management systems and explains how effective management helps to track resources, accelerate costs reduction and improve services.

What is ESG Data?

Learn the essentials of ESG data from Lexi Soberanis as she discusses what ESG data is, how it differs from other data sets, and what to consider when you capture, manage and report it.

Can AI help climate change?

Dive deep with Stacey Gifford, a chemist with IBM Research, as she explains how AI can help develop eco-friendly materials, addressing climate change, which is a critical global challenge.


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Listen to engaging discussions with tech leaders Smart Talks with IBM Get inspired as Malcolm Gladwell, a renowned social science thinker and writer, converses with innovation leaders about transformative technologies on our podcast. Listen to the podcast
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