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What is facilities management?

Give a better workplace experience by ensuring the functionality, comfort and safety of the facilities and on the ground.

What is digital asset management?

Combine both software and systems solutions to efficiently store, organize, manage, retrieve and distribute your digital assets.

What is field service management (FSM)?

Learn how to effectively coordinate resources, employees and equipment, in work activities and operations off company property.

What is visual inspection?

Inspect equipments to detect defects both in person and remotely using digital images to maintain quality and safety standards.

What is asset reliability?

Learn why you need real-time visibility into the condition of your assets and a plan to keep them running smoothly when things break.

Asset lifecycle management strategy: What’s the best approach for your business?

Learn why and how to build an effective asset lifecycle management strategy for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What is vibration analysis and how can it help optimize predictive maintenance?

Learn the basics of vibration analysis and how it helps to identify, monitor and prevent mechanical failures and costly downtime.

What is preventive maintenance?

Combine regular maintenance tasks with machine learning, data analytics and predictive asset health monitoring to prevent downtime.


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Asset Management for Sustainability

Learn about intelligent asset management systems and how effective management helps to track resources and accelerate costs reduction.

What is a Load Balancer?

Watch and learn how load balancing can help you maintain highly on-demand digital experiences, website, application and databases.

How IBM can help
IBM Maximo® Application Suite 
Leverage intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability planning in a single platform.
Get operational visibility of your assets
IBM® Environmental Intelligence Suite
Get timely insights to monitor, predict and respond to weather and climate impact, and build more sustainable operations.
Manage the impact of climate change
IBM® Envizi™ ESG Suite
Simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of your environmental, social and governance (ESG) data.
Simplify your ESG reporting
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