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The six strategic uses cases for AIOps

Explore six AIOps uses cases leveraging natural language processing (NLP), big data and machine learning (ML) models to optimize spending, improve efficiency and enhance customer experiences.

What are CI/CD and the CI/CD pipelines?

Leverage a guide to continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, covering their definition, benefits, configurations and how they streamline software development.

What is DevOps?

Learn how DevOps combines and automates software tasks to speed the delivery of high-quality software, and its synergy with site reliability engineering (SRE).

What is DevSecOps?

Automate the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle, with DevSecOps, short for development, security, and operations.

What is software development?

See how software is developed and how it can help your business compete. Discover software development essentials, innovations and technologies.

What is software testing?

Find software errors and verify that an application or system is fit for use, thereby preventing bugs, reducing development costs and improving performance.

What is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)?

Find out how PaaS, or Platform-as-a-Service, provides a complete, flexible, and cost-effective cloud platform for developing, running, and managing applications.

What is Terraform?

Learn about Terraform, an open source “Infrastructure as Code” tool, created by HashiCorp, which enables programmers to safely and efficiently build, change, and version infrastructure.

Tekton: A Modern Approach to Continuous Delivery

Explore Tekton—an open source, vendor-neutral, Kubernetes-native framework for building continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)—and its benefits as a modern CI/CD platform.

How DevOps tools make applications go faster and farther

Read about the potential of DevOps tools in helping teams overcome the challenges that come with accelerated release cycles, while also helping them achieve greater speed, quality and control.

Research reports

Read our research reports to help navigate your DevOps transformation path.

The speed of smarter architecture

See how smarter architecture can not only enable but also drive your organization to move faster and deliver more digital business value.

Telecom answers the open source call

Find out how open source is transforming the telecom industry and the factors that are driving the adoption of open source in telecom.

Foundations of banking excellence

Learn about the six key banking digital transformation practices, and how banks are embracing digitalization and moving to hybrid cloud.


Learn the fundamentals and trending DevOps topics from our explainer videos.

View the DevOps: AIOps, application health and observability playlist
What is site reliability engineering (SRE)?

Join Bradley Knapp from IBM Cloud, as he explains how a site reliability engineer (SRE) helps organizations manage systems, solve problems, and automate operational tasks more effectively.

DevOps vs. SRE: What's the difference?

Learn how site reliability engineering (SRE) and DevOps, though often viewed as similar, differ, and how they can impact an organization.

What is Kafka?

Learn how to achieve real-time experiences that modern-day cloud application users expect. Whitney Lee with IBM Cloud explains how Apache Kafka makes it possible to create such real-rime experiences with event streams.

Continuous Deployment vs. Continuous Delivery

In this video, Eric Minick with IBM Cloud explains the difference between continuous deployment and continuous delivery.


Master DevOps with hands-on tutorials.

The Agile Method: Everything you need to know

Learn about the core principles and practices of agile approach—a quick and nimble approach to software development—and the benefits and constraints that come along with this way of working.

Learn the workings of Git, not just the commands

Learn Git basics like repositories, commits, branches and merging; master Git commands for common tasks, and then dive into advanced topics such as rebasing and cherry-picking.

Install Node.js, npm, and VS Code

Explore three ways to install Node.js and npm, including download options, Homebrew (for MacOS), and Node.js Version Manager. Also learn how to set up VS Code for coding ease.

Mastering recursive programming

Master recursion with this tutorial, enabling you to write clean and reliable code while learning to define recursive functions, use base cases and solve programming problems.

Introduction to RESTful web services

Learn and practice the key principles of REST web services including use of HTTP methods explicitly, statelessness and data transfer of XML, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), or both.

Explore the Java platform, learn object-oriented programming principles, and create a project

Learn the basics of Java, covering the platform, object-oriented programming, creating programs, using the API and project development with extensive examples and exercises.

Object- and function-oriented programming concepts and principles

Review, compare, and contrast object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, while learning from examples of how to use them to solve real-world problems.

IoT vs. edge computing: What’s the difference?

Learn about “Internet of Things” (IoT), edge computing and why you should consider migrating your applications to edge devices closer to your data sources to boost efficiency.


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