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Navigating the growing complexities of technology spend management

Explore how the complexity of technology portfolios has only accelerated in recent years, necessitating a modern approach to manage costs and drive performance.

How to optimize AWS cloud costs

Explore a quick overview of the various methods of AWS cloud cost management—what problems they solve and how best to use them.

Achieving application health in the microservices age

Learn how in the microservices age, slow metrics and trace aggregation can negatively impact Cloud DevOps and SRE initiatives, causing delays or disruptions that impact user experience. See how Instana® can help.

What is IT service management (ITSM)?

Find out how ITSM enables the optimal deployment, operation and management of information technology services across an enterprise.

What is IT operations (ITOps)?

Learn about the role of ITOps in managing, delivering and supporting IT services to meet the business needs of internal and external users.

What is site reliability engineering (SRE)?

Leverage SRE to automate IT operation tasks that would otherwise be performed manually, accelerate software delivery, and minimize IT risk.

What is AIOps?

Learn how artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) uses data and machine learning to improve and automate IT service management.

What is FinOps?

Learn about FinOps, an evolving cloud financial management discipline and cultural practice that aims to maximize business value in hybrid and multicloud environments.

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The CEO’s guide on tech spend for generative AI

Learn how to stay on top by prioritizing projects that deliver a competitive edge, rather than spreading generative AI spend like peanut butter across the IT portfolio.

Seizing the AI and automation opportunity

Gain actionable insights on leveraging AI and automation, supplemented by real-world case studies and an 11-point blueprint for optimizing intelligent automation.

CEO decision-making in the age of AI

Explore how CEOs are making decisions in this new environment, what their ambitions and regrets are, and what they cite as their biggest decision challenges today.

The power of AI: Proactive IT and networks

Learn how AI automation proactively manages IT and hybrid cloud infrastructures to enhance operational visibility and cost efficiency.


Learn the fundamentals and the hottest themes in IT automation from our series of explainer videos.

6 Observability Myths in AIOps Uncovered

In this video, IBM VP Chris Farrell takes down six different observability myths one-by-one.

FinOps for trustworthy cloud automation

Learn how a FinOps model delivers a performance-first approach to empower engineers to automate and get the business value in the cloud.

Application health through observability

Watch a smarter strategy to maintain software health by combining observability with ML and AI to predict issues before they become incidents.

APM versus Observability

See how observability differs from APM and how observability sensors deliver the needed context and understanding for your entire enterprise.


Listen to engaging discussions with tech leaders.

How IBM can help
IBM Concert®

IBM Concert® puts you in control, simplifying and optimizing operations to focus on continuously delivering enhanced client experiences and improving developer and SRE productivity.

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AIOps solutions

AI and IBM AIOps solutions can help you control cloud spend, maintain app performance, gain full-stack observability and better manage incidents.

Improve performance and optimize IT spend
IBM® Turbonomic®

Drive app performance at lower costs with our AI-powered hybrid cloud performance and cost optimization platform.

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