Watson Analytics will help non-technical managers drill down into data to find out what’s really going on

Jeff Golden, Project Manager for IBM TRIRIGA Software, University of Maryland

Business Challenge story

Facilities managers at the University of Maryland use IBM TRIRIGA Software to manage operations and understand trends related to real estate management, maintenance schedules, operations personnel and the cost of services. Yet management reports produced by the IT team often were underutilized, and non-technical operations staff found the software difficult to use on their own.


Adding IBM Watson Analytics capabilities to TRIRIGA Software enabled facilities managers to crunch operational data themselves. Users can define datasets they wish to analyze and send them directly to IBM Watson Analytics, which then provides guided data discovery and predictive analytics with automatic visualizations.


Cognitive analytics helps non-technical building and maintenance staffers understand university operations and make better decisions. By analyzing existing data, they can discover accounting errors, realize efficiency improvements, and gain insights into issues such as whether aging equipment should be repaired or replaced.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • Cognos Analytics
    • Real Estate and Facilities Management