I would like the Garage to expand and actually be part of more places. We’d tackle more problems, making sure that the decisions are made using data, assisted by AI.

Jorge Balestra, Director of IT – COE Analytics Solutions, the Kraft Heinz Company

Business Challenge

Kraft Heinz delivers millions of products to consumers every day. The challenge: ensuring consumers get the right product at the right time.


Kraft Heinz and IBM are working together to answer the question – how do we spur innovation throughout the company? Using the IBM Garage methodology from IBM Services, the two companies created an algorithm to improve product velocity in part through analyzing and improving shelf placement and promotion. Already, they’ve seen improved sales in the stores where they are applying analytics. Kraft Heinz and IBM are bringing new ideas to the table and using analytics powered by AI to drive benefits to the business.

Solution Category

  • AI/Watson
  • Services