Gain deep insights into your supply chain – all at a glance

Now you can have true transparency for any product you want. View the amount of inventory flow, average dwell time, and time-since-harvest and time-to-expiration. With Fresh Insights for IBM Food Trust™, you can see, in seconds, where and how your fresh product is spending time across your entire supply chain.

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Put food data to work in entirely new ways

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Gain visibility into your inventory at each location – by remaining shelf life, time-since-harvested, or time-since-produced – and receive alerts when items are at risk.

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Monitor the average dwell-time spent at each location, while highlighting areas of concern when dwell-time increases beyond the threshold.

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Keep track of the freshness for each item at all locations. Those at risk of expiring or of substandard freshness will be highlighted, and owners will be notified.

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