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What is business analytics?

Make better business decisions with IBM Business Analytics

IBM Business Analytics delivers advanced data analytics and AI with an integrated workflow to help you implement smarter, faster, and more accurate data-driven decisions. Regardless of business area — finance, HR, supply chain, marketing, sales, or IT, you can benefit from the data insights, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and business intelligence (BI) capabilities our solutions provide. This means you can eliminate data and process silos and speed user adoption.

With IBM Business Analytics you can enhance your decision making further with predictive insights, shape future outcomes more effectively, and transform your organization from what’s coming to what’s next.

Expand your analytics footprint with business analytics

Learn about the business benefits of using IBM Business Analytics.

Key features of IBM Business Analytics

Use analytics data to plan, forecast, collaborate and anticipate business needs.

Plan, budget and forecast

Deliver dynamic, reliable plans, budgets and forecasts with speed, and easily adjust plans as the market changes to optimize outcomes with built in predictive analytics and AI capabilities.

Gain business intelligence 

Get a complete picture of your enterprise and understand what's next by automatically unifying business data to gain actionable insights.

Close, consolidate and report

Enable finance teams to automate, accelerate, and simplify the financial close process with minimal IT support, to manage audit compliance.

The use cases for IBM Business Analytics

Financial and operational planning

Financial summary chart

Financial and operational planning

Align financial plans with operational plans, including supply chain capacity requirements, linking strategic goals with operational performance and execution. Improve business visibility, demand forecast reliability, and agility – providing the latest, most accurate information to all stakeholders.

Business intelligence

Policy analysis charts

Business intelligence

Use an AI-infused fully integrated BI, analytics and enterprise reporting platform that spans data preparation, data exploration, data visualization, integrated dashboards, and more, to allow users access to usable data and insights.

Integrated sales and marketing planning

Key performance indicator per quarter report charts

Integrated sales and marketing planning

Optimize sales capacity requirements with constraint-based planning, allowing users to scale business analytics data through historical, current and predictive views. Create accurate revenue plans and forecasts, and gain visibility into your marketing and sales data to easily allocate resources based on performance or changing demand to meet business objectives.

Integrated workforce performance planning

Employee details charts

Integrated workforce performance planning

Unify data into a central, governed repository to switch from time-consuming spreadsheets and build workforce forecasts based on dynamic changes in staffing, location, return to work, salary planning, retention and churn.

Case studies

Increasing plan accuracy and confidence with AI

FleetPride teamed up with Cresco International to deploy descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions from IBM Business Analytics, giving supply chain managers game-changing insights into operations.

Driving operational efficiency and plan agility with AI

Novolex selected solutions from IBM Business Analytics based on its ability to connect the company’s various systems into one platform which could provide monthly and weekly site-level reporting for engineering, marketing, sales and operations.

Baking in AI and analytics to meet rising demand

Vaasan has come to rely on IBM Business Analytics solutions to improve their inventory position and adjust capacity based on market needs in hours with a fully comprehensive solution spanning planning, budgeting, forecasting and business intelligence. 

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