Supply chain planning and analytics
Achieve end-to-end visibility and control over the entire supply chain planning processes
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End-to-end supply chain visibility

Are you encountering demand and supply mismatches, inventory overstocks and order-fulfillment delays?
IBM® Planning Analytics is an integrated supply chain analytics software that incorporates both internal and external datasets, such as resource shortages, capacity requirements, weather forecasts, providers and customer satisfaction surveys. Blend advanced analytics and what-if scenario analysis into your production planning, giving you the foresight to pivot quickly, turning disruptions into opportunities.

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IBM recognized as a Market Leader in BARC Score 2023 Integrated Planning & Analytics
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Revolutionizing the consumer goods industry with integrated business planning

What you can do
One centralized platform

Drive growth with a 360-degree view of the management process, end-to-end visibility into inventory and demand-adjust imbalances faster as they occur. Create and modify plans in real-time with a deeper understanding of supply chain operations. Automate and streamline strategic planning across the entire organization to achieve synchronized and resilient supply chain management.

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Enterprise-wide collaboration

Share information across all levels of your organization quickly and allow high participation of planners to improve inventory, capital, expense, revenue and demand management. Strengthen supply chain collaboration and increase transparency in your distribution infrastructure and respond to disruptions and customer needs.

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AI-infused demand forecasts

Identify and analyze trends and seasonality patterns in historical values and external data with AI forecasting functionality, augmenting human intelligence with statistical and predictive analytics. Use real-time internal and external data to gain a deeper understanding of what drives demand, resulting in more accurate forecasts and inventory level optimization.

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Why IBM Planning Analytics?  Built on the powerful TM1 engine, this flexible supply chain planning solution can match your unique business requirements and complexities while retaining unmatched performance that scales without changing existing processes. Read the solution brief Achieve operational efficiency

Foster effective supply chain collaboration across procurement, production, warehousing and S&OP. Easily integrate other enterprise resource planning (ERPs)/GLs data sources and quickly balance supply and demand, optimize logistics and inventory management.

Respond more quickly to change

Create continuous supply chain plans and forecasts—monthly, daily or hourly—and gain real-time visibility into disparate data sources. Drive operational efficiency and actionable insights to easily adapt and meet dynamic customer demand.

Reduce cost and drive revenue

Augment human skills with AI-infused capabilities to quickly identify meaningful patterns from data, uncover hidden trends and build what-if scenarios without the need for a data scientist. Deliver faster and more accurate sales and operations plans and forecasts.

Product reviews
Case study
Industry: manufacturing Novolex saved 16% in excess inventory

Instead of taking weeks, Novolex can now process data within a few hours, taking two days for analysis, discussion and review, and providing clarity on the available capacity to proceed with new products and to support the current market.

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We are pursuing automation because we have good people. We want them to look to the future and not have to do some manual, tedious job if we can automate it. Joonas Alasaari Senior Business Controller, Vaasan Ltd. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Flat files, such as spreadsheets, word docs, budgeting and forecasting applications, as well as ERP, CRM and any API can be integrated by IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

Depending on your company's demands and requirements, the installation procedure can take between 8 weeks to several months.

The engine, a multidimensional database with a cell-oriented layout similar to spreadsheets, is at the heart of IBM Planning Analytics. Its cells are linked to the underlying database via your formulas. All of Excel's data visualization and analysis capabilities are available in a centralized platform.

Where it's used Finance

Transcend the limits of manual planning with simplified, integrated financial planning and analysis. Achieve consensus between income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.


Use IBM Planning Analytics for sustainability planning, reporting, simulation and optimization at any granularity level—even calculate the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).


Track and analyze sales rep performance and sales capacity data in real-time. Use the power of AI to optimize effective sales processes, enhance productivity and reach revenue targets. Automate resource allocation and territory planning to get a competitive advantage and increase market share.

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