Be ready for anything with more accurate planning and forecasting

Supply chain management professionals have constant pressure to reduce costs and improve margins. Unfortunately, many lack the access to data and rely on manual planning tools. 

With IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1®, it's easy to create and adjust plans as needed by leveraging deep insights to understand business drivers. Streamline the planning process and create supply chain plans that are smooth, synchronized and responsive.


Modern supply chain solutions drive business results

Track data more accurately

85% actual vs forecasted demand

Best-in-class organizations

77% more likely to have an end-to-end solution

Respond faster

27% responded faster to unplanned events

Use cases


Watch a demo

Screenshot showing how supply chain forecasts can be created

Watch a demo

See the creation of supply chain forecasts to achieve greater accuracy and optimized plans.

Create a supply chain plan

Screenshot showing IBM Planning Analytics being used to build a supply chain plan

Create a supply chain plan

Get hands-on with IBM Planning Analytics by building a supply chain plan in this interactive walkthrough.

Discover the key to supply chain agility

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