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Use AI and analytics to automate workforce management and predict employee attrition
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People, your most valuable asset

Find the right talent, ensure employee engagement and retention, and align HR with business goals.

Use AI to improve decision making and successfully implement new workforce planning strategies based on business needs. Create accurate AI-guided workforce plans and gap analyses based on changes in employee development, location, return to work, remuneration, retention, churn rates and strategic objectives.

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What you can do
Customizable workforce plans

Plan for the ideal mix of remote and in-person work scenarios. Get a real-time consolidation of operational costs with human resources drivers and constraints, talent needs, and geographic factors–all in one easy-to-use collaborative workforce analytics software. Instantly see the impact on business goals and costs, skills gaps, and talent acquisition challenges associated with different workforce scenarios for truly effective workforce planning.

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Full visibility into HR metrics and KPIs

Get full visibility into the current workforce, job market roadmap, staffing metrics and talent gaps. You'll have an easy way to determine the most efficient action plans and cost-effective methods to recruit, up-skill, train. Perform succession planning while optimizing costs, increasing employee productivity and reducing turnover rate.

AI-infused workforce optimization

Forecast employee management demands with metrics based on dynamic changes in headcount, location, compensation planning, employee productivity, employee retention and attrition. Perform what-if workforce analysis to determine HR costs, headcount planning, competencies needed and skill set gaps when you expand into new markets and product categories.

Why IBM Planning Analytics? The workforce planning tool to automate and streamline HR operations. Read the solution brief Make data-driven decisions

Have a single source of truth by aligning operational workforce planning with business strategy. Create transparency in workflows and collaboration between different stakeholders by extending planning and analytics from HR to finance and other lines of business for informed decisions.

Plan proactively

Respond to changing staffing needs–from monthly to daily to hourly. Continuously assess the right workforce skill sets, determine workforce gaps and evaluate future workforce needs to achieve successful workforce management.

Boost revenue while cutting costs

Harness AI and scenario planning in a user-friendly planning platform and factor in your forecast template patterns such as time of day, day of the week, seasonality, or a new product launch. Instantly see the impact on labor costs and business objectives.

With the IBM solution, the team is mesmerized by the power they have — to have a ‘crystal ball’ and see what tomorrow will bring rather than see only what happened yesterday. It’s a big mind change for us. Ali Haji Chief Financial Officer, Mawgif Learn more about streamlining operations and planning with real-time analytics

Frequently asked questions

Flat files, such as spreadsheets, word docs, budgeting and forecasting applications, as well as ERP, CRM and any API can be integrated by IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

Depending on your company's demands and requirements, the installation procedure can take between 8 weeks to several months.

The engine, a multidimensional database with a cell-oriented layout similar to spreadsheets, is at the heart of IBM Planning Analytics. Its cells are linked to the underlying database via your formulas. All of Excel's data visualization and analysis capabilities are available in a centralized platform.

Where it's used

Cross-industry use cases.


Transcend the limits of manual planning with simplified, integrated financial planning and analysis. Achieve consensus between income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.

Supply chain

Blend hierarchy advanced analytics and an unlimited sandbox of “what-if” scenario analysis into your supply chain processes. With the foresight to pivot quickly, you can turn disruptions into opportunities.


Track and analyze sales rep performance and sales capacity data in real-time. Use the power of AI to streamline sales processes, enhance productivity and reach revenue targets. Automate resource allocation and territory planning to get a competitive advantage and increase market share.

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