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Planning Analytics features for IT


A fast performing, flexible platform

Based on the TM1 technology, it has the flexibility to meet the most complex IT requirements, while allowing thousands of concurrent users–maintaining proven fast performance. Scale as your roadmap changes without altering IT infrastructure.

Allocate resources effectively

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Get a clear picture of which demand is driving business value and which IT projects to prioritize by extending planning and analysis from IT to finance, HR, operations and beyond. Align IT strategic goals with business objectives for better decision-making.

Respond quickly to change

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Don’t let unexpected costs hinder IT initiatives. Create dynamic plans, budgets, and forecasts–quarterly, monthly or daily–to drive operational efficiency, allowing you to quickly and confidently adjust workflows to changing demands.

Forecast more accurately

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Augment human intelligence and forecast accurate business goals such as project completion dates or total costs. Determine the best business plan, factoring in multiple variables with built-in advanced analytics and scenario modeling.

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