IT planning and budgeting
Prioritize driving growth and align IT strategic planning processes with business strategy
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Flexible information technology planning

IBM Planning Analytics is a centralized IT planning and analytics software that automates manual tasks, empowering IT leaders to respond quickly to new business demands. Develop clear IT planning processes that create alignment between the IT department and strategic objectives. With real-time visibility, steer IT analytics solutions into resource allocation, stakeholders, cost optimization, and asset utilization metrics.

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IT strategic planning processes

Track and manage resources, skills, project status, and costs KPIs with a single, complete IT analytics software. Optimize spending through benchmarking while identifying and prioritizing the IT projects that deliver ROI. Gain a competitive advantage by making the best use of the enterprise architecture.

Reliable IT budgeting

Budgeting for IT in the digital age is complex. Simplify the process with visibility into all data centers to more accurately forecast spending and prioritize IT projects that drive growth. Measure the impact of decisions in sandbox templates before making them.

Easy IT portfolio management

Create transparency and enable better decision-making through cross-functional, enterprise-wide collaboration and granular administration insights. Refocus time spent collecting data to strategic planning, helping align IT organization with the rest of the business.

Business partner solutions
Cubewise Arc Discover optimized tools for developers working in TM1 that allow you to access pre-written code, share code with developers, and monitor and configure instances through one centralized platform. Explore the solution

Cubewise Pulse Increase visibility throughout your IBM Planning Analytics TM1 servers to monitor, manage and troubleshoot servers in real-time. Explore the solution

Cubewise Slice Enhance reporting by implementing new features for Excel forms within IBM Planning Analytics TM1 databases. Explore the solution

DataWORQ Manage data sources and automate business processes, allowing you to focus on analysis and results. Explore the solution

OfficeConnect Create management reports and presentations that are accurate, easy to update and avoid the risk of manual data inputting. Explore the solution

Outlier Detection Analyze and detect outliers in your data for greater business intelligence and quickly identify patterns and potential errors hidden within data sets. Explore the solution
Why IBM Planning Analytics?  Based on TM1 technology, it has the flexibility to meet the most complex IT requirements while allowing thousands of concurrent users. Scale as your roadmap changes without altering IT infrastructure. Read the solution brief Allocate resources effectively

Get a clear picture of which demand is driving business value and which IT projects to prioritize. Extend planning and analysis from IT to finance, HR, operations and beyond. 

Respond quickly to change

Don’t let unexpected costs hinder IT initiatives. Create dynamic plans, budgets, and forecasts–quarterly, monthly or daily–to drive operational efficiency, allowing you to quickly adjust workflows to changing demands.

Forecast more accurately

Augment human intelligence and forecast accurate business goals such as project completion dates or total costs. Determine the best business plan, factoring in multiple variables, with built-in advanced analytics and scenario modeling.

IBM Planning Analytics will help us update our operational and strategic plans on a monthly basis, instead of quarterly—so we will be able to react much more quickly when market conditions change. Alaa Soueif IT Director ARDIC Learn more about planning for growth in a competitive market by building efficient processes

Frequently asked questions

Flat files, such as spreadsheets, word docs, budgeting and forecasting applications, as well as ERP, CRM and any API can be integrated by IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

Depending on your company's demands and requirements, the installation procedure can take between 8 weeks to several months.

The engine, a multidimensional database with a cell-oriented layout similar to spreadsheets, is at the heart of IBM Planning Analytics. Its cells are linked to the underlying database via your formulas. All of Excel's data visualization and analysis capabilities are available in a centralized platform.

Where it’s used

Cross-industry use cases


Transcend the limits of manual planning with simplified, integrated financial planning and analysis. Achieve consensus between income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.

Supply chain

Blend hierarchy advanced analytics and an unlimited sandbox of “what-if” scenario analysis into your supply chain processes. With the foresight to pivot quickly, you can turn disruptions into opportunities.

HR and workforce

Automate and streamline HR management processes–employment, salary, bonuses, headcounts, and benefits planning–all in one platform. Develop accurate AI-guided workforce plans and forecasts based on changes in staffing, location, return to work, remuneration, retention, churn rates and more.

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