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Simplify IT planning

IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson automates manual processes for more reliable decision-making.

  • Plan and budget for major CAPEX.
  • Continuously adopt new technologies and agile practices.
  • Integrate predictive capabilities into your planning process.
  • Make real-time adjustments to project scope.

Use cases

Planning solutions for IT

IT project planning

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Track and manage resources, skills, project status and costs with comprehensive project plans. Leverage insights into asset and resource utilization to optimize spend. Focus on projects that maximize value and deliver ROI.

IT budgeting

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Budgeting for IT in the digital age is complex. Simplify with visibility into all data sources to help forecast spend more accurately and prioritize IT projects. Gauge impact before making decisions using what-if scenarios.

IT portfolio management

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Cross-functional collaboration coupled with granular insights into IT portfolio data enables better decision making. Refocus time spent collecting data to strategic planning, helping align IT with organizational objectives.

Can you relate to these trends?


of CIOs feel a high urgency to digitally transform the enterprise.¹


of IT practitioners are effective at facilitating digital reinvention enterprise-wide.²


of reinventor CIOs are placing emphasis on using data to identify unmet customer needs.

Solve your IT planning challenges



Your challenge
Balancing ongoing IT needs with digital transformation objectives and constant technology changes is no simple task, and often requires additional resources.

Our solution
Automate manual tasks so you can focus on big-picture IT strategy. Accelerate IT planning with a dynamic solution that provides visibility into resource allocation, spend, and asset utilization data to help make the most strategic decisions.



Your challenge
When IT decision-making is siloed, the result can have a negative impact on operational efficiency. Collaboration is necessary for understanding organizational resource requirements and tracking ongoing IT projects and costs.

Our solution
Collaboration with cross-functional teams helps IT understand spend, resources, and financial plans to determine the best allocation of resources. Visibility across teams means better alignment to achieve departmental and organizational goals.



Your challenge
IT budgets often allocate organizational spending into tools and projects with long-term time frames, limiting adaptability. But modern IT teams needs to be responsive to changing demands and deliver a timely response.

Our solution
A flexible planning solution allows you to respond quickly to new demands and plan continuously. One centralized plan gives you the ability to optimize in realtime rather than making changes across multiple spreadsheets.

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

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