Automate and accelerate your business planning processes with an enhanced xP&A platform
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An optimized and automated xP&A integration platform

QueBIT DataWORQ* delivers a platform to cleanse and manage your data sources from IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson and back. Quickly integrate with nearly all relational data sources, APIs and flat file sources. Layer in our predictive time series forecasts for cutting edge planning. Automate the entire process by infusing AI and machine learning to drive business operations allowing you to focus on impact and analysis.

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Key features of QueBIT DataWORQ
Data management and integration Simplify IBM Planning Analytics cloud integration by communicating with DataWORQ directly from IBM Planning Analytics. Native integration with IBM Planning Analytics cloud and on-premises allows you to pull data, push data or call Turbo Integrator processes without requiring coding.

Predict and automate Leverage external predictors and over a dozen built-in time series forecasting algorithms such as Prophet by Facebook. Automatically select the best performing algorithms for your data with no coding required. Build AI and machine learning into your business to optimize for the future.
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Operationalize existing processes and make them an effective part of your solution. Streamline your data flows leaving a clean audit trail behind them.


Schedule flows with a robust set of scheduling options. Watch folders for new files and automatically process them as they are added.

Automate and alter

Automate your solution and be alerted in-app or via email when issues arise or when work is completed. Intuitive logs and issue descriptions allow for quick resolutions.

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