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Demos Explore a quick demo
Check out an interactive scenario of how IBM Planning Analytics can automate and streamline management processes in one platform.
An AI-infused integrated planning solution — the simplicity of spreadsheets blended with a powerful database. Simplify business planning and analysis.
Dynamically integrate profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow. Strategize for the future with clarity and confidence.
Intelligently navigate current inventory data, supplier constraints, and distribution challenges. Get the right products delivered to the right locations at the perfect moment.
Bring together sales planning, marketing, operations, and finance. See the amazing business benefits of teamwork with this unified approach.
Optimize each territory for maximum coverage and set ambitious, yet realistic quotas. Make data-driven decisions that boost your sales productivity.
Simplify workflows and reduce time spent on manual data entry. Get in-depth insights on employee management, performance metrics, and talent retention strategies.
Learn and train IBM® Planning Analytics solution brief
Get details on how IBM Planning Analytics accelerates planning and forecasting cycles and allows for collaboration across the business.
Product documentation
Find out more about installing, using, and administering IBM Planning Analytics on the IBM Knowledge Center.
Data and AI accelerator catalog
See best practice guides, industry use cases, planning models and more.
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Stay up to date on the latest IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos® innovations. Community members gain access to tips and tricks from IBM experts and their peers. Plus, take advantage of the opportunity to influence product direction for the IBM analytics portfolio.
Customer videos
Makes changes to their income statement, balance sheet and cashflow in real time.
Uses Planning Analytics to reduce complexity and implement a new sustainable business model.
Drives better reporting results for Stein Mart by helping gather data and simplifying it.
Optimizes their planning processes and produces new data and reports in a short amount of time with IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics.
Expands luxury properties rapidly through the real-time visibility that IBM Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics provide.
Case studies Knauf
Upgraded to IBM Planning Analytics in just eight weeks for improved performance in outcome planning and forecasting by more than 500 users across the organization.
Swisscom reduces planning and reporting times in half. Save time for the work that matters.
Vaasan Ltd.
Better energy consumption forecasting improves the ability to negotiate energy prices for this Finnish bakery company.
UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD)
IBM Planning Analytics helps the Ministry of Defence support 190,000 armed forces service personnel by streamlining shared business services.
Länsförsäkringar AB
Drives precision in long-term forecasts by increasing planning cycles to 10 annually.
Hear from the analysts BARC Score 2023 Integrated Planning & Analytics (IP&A)
IBM Planning Analytics is recognized as a Market Leader for integrated business planning.
The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM Planning Analytics
Commissioned study by Forrester Consulting finds that IBM customers see USD 3.2 million in benefits over three years.
BI & Analytics Survey 2023 by BARC
95% of users recommend IBM Planning Analytics, top ranked for flexibility and performance. See what users appreciate most when choosing a business intelligence and analytics solution.
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