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Simplify complex decision-making while balancing business goals and constraints using optimization technology
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Prescriptive analytics software

Prescriptive analytics provides organizations with recommendations around optimal actions to achieve business objectives like customer satisfaction, profits and cost savings. Prescriptive analytics solutions from IBM use optimization technology to solve complex decisions with millions of decision variables, constraints and tradeoffs.

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watsonx BI Assistant: Your AI-powered business analyst and advisor

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Benefits Improve operations

Optimize product planning, reduce inefficiencies and drive smarter operational decision-making.

Increase efficiency

Better utilize capital, personnel, equipment, vehicles and facilities.

Mitigate risks

Gain insight into how decisions can have business-wide impacts and hedge against data uncertainty.

Prescriptive analytics solutions watsonx BI Assistant

Ask your questions, get answers and discover deep insights without delay. With clear, step-by-step explanations of its reasoning, watsonx BI Assistant answers your business questions in seconds.

IBM® ILOG® CPLEX Optimization Studio

Enable rapid development and deployment of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming with a model development toolkit.

IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio

Combine optimization and machine learning techniques in a unified environment to build the optimal action plan and meet business goals.

IBM Decision Optimization Center

Build and deploy applications to solve complex planning and scheduling challenges with a configurable enterprise platform.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS

Solve mathematical programming models, like MIP/MIQCP, using CPLEX® Optimizer on z/OS®.

Case studies ÇimSA uses data science to optimize decision-making

ÇimSA used IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio to improve customer service and reduce cement manufacturing, warehousing and distribution costs.

Key decision optimization technology use cases and concepts

Learn about optimization concepts, understand their applicability across industries and explore how IBM can help.

Dig deeper

Learn more about prescriptive analytics and decision optimization.

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