Marketing planning tools

Features for successful marketing


Fast, flexible, marketing planning software

The in-memory database powered by TM1 technology enables real-time calculation without compromising on speed, allowing you to scale as per your business roadmap. Enjoy hassle-free, scalable marketing operations while achieving business objectives.

Gain competitive advantage

Link marketing initiatives with sales and operational plans. Marketing teams get the ability to identify new growth opportunities and reach new target audiences while optimizing costs with marketing planning software that fosters transparency and collaboration.

Maximize marketing ROI

Respond with agility to changing potential customers’ preferences, and continuously adapt marketing plans and workflows. Quickly evaluate key performance indicators by marketing channel and ensure your business goals are attainable.

Greater customer engagement

Understand what drives customer base action, perform market research and refine your marketing campaigns. With easy-to-use AI-infused predictive capabilities, you can test different types of marketing plan templates based on multiple buyer personas and messaging.

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