Turn insights into action with IBM Business Analytics

Marketing planning tools



Fast performance, flexibility and scalability

Tailor the marketing software to your business model and scale as planned in your roadmap —without losing speed— with real-time calculation enabled by the unmatched fast performance of an in-memory database powered by TM1 technology.

Integrated business planning

Link marketing initiatives with sales, HR and operational plans. Get a competitive advantage with the ability to identify new growth opportunities while optimizing costs with marketing software that fosters transparency and collaboration.

Plan continuously

Respond with agility to changing potential customers’ preferences, and create continuous marketing plans and workflows. Quickly evaluate future marketing needs, performance gaps, and drivers of business goal success to make better decisions.

AI-infused marketing insights

Use accessible AI-infused predictive capabilities to understand what drives consumer action and refine your marketing campaigns for greater ROI optimization. Built-in what-if capabilities enable you to evaluate different types of marketing plan templates.

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