Marketing planning and analytics
Data-driven decisions in real-time. Optimize ROI with AI-infused marketing planning solutions
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Adjust your marketing strategy in real-time

No more manual processes and disjointed project management tools. Achieve your goals faster with a unified and collaborative management platform.

Use AI-infused marketing planning software to improve digital marketing return on investment (ROI). Get a deeper understanding of your target markets’ needs before they even know it and deliver a seamless personalized experience.

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What you can do
Holistic campaign planning

Increase marketing ROI by integrating strategic plans with external market factors. Get real-time visibility into target customers’ purchasing trends and factor in psycho-graphics or demographics data for more cost-effective marketing activities. Make data-driven decisions about starting new products or adjusting your marketing mix.

Built-in, advanced marketing analytics

Marketing teams can perform granular market segmentation and SWOT analyses before starting new marketing campaigns. They can then plan, track, analyze and streamline marketing programs in real-time and understand performance metrics against benchmarks to make ongoing adjustments. 

Smart resource allocation

Easily compare spending to the actual marketing budget. With real-time functions and end-to-end visibility into your marketing efforts, track resource management based on performance or demand to create more effective marketing plans and forecasts. Also, track progress on a granular level across all marketing campaigns, including social media, content marketing and SEO. 

Why IBM Planning Analytics? IBM Planning Analytics is a dynamic and adaptable marketing planning tool. Its uncomplicated interfaces and modular design enable seamless integration with existing applications, helping to ensure a collaborative tool that is simple to use for all team members. Read the solution brief Gain a competitive advantage

Link marketing initiatives with sales and operational plans. Marketing teams can identify new growth opportunities and reach new target audiences while optimizing costs with planning software that fosters transparency and team collaboration.

Maximize marketing ROI

Respond quickly to potential customers’ changing preferences. Continuously adapt marketing plans and workflows. Quickly evaluate key performance indicators by marketing channel to help ensure that your business goals are attainable.

Enhance customer engagement

Understand what drives customer base action, perform market research and refine your marketing campaigns. With accessible AI-infused predictive capabilities, test different types of marketing plan templates based on multiple buyer personas and messaging.

[Simplifying our systems landscape] will allow the internal DBS team to take full responsibility for the support and change of our systems. And it will prepare us for a move to cloud services in the future. James Courtney-Holt CIO Finance and Commercial Lead, Defense Business Services Ministry of Defense UK Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Flat files, such as spreadsheets, word documents, budgeting and forecasting applications, as well as ERP, CRM and any API, can be integrated by IBM Planning Analytics with IBM Watson®.

Depending on your company's demands and requirements, the installation procedure can take between 8 weeks to several months.

The engine, a multidimensional database with a cell-oriented layout similar to spreadsheets, is at the heart of IBM Planning Analytics. Its cells are linked to the underlying database via formulas. All of Excel's data visualization and analysis capabilities are available in a centralized platform.

Where it's used

Cross-industry use cases


Transcend the limits of manual planning with simplified, integrated financial planning and analysis. Achieve consensus between income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.

Supply chain

Blend advanced analytics hierarchy and an unlimited sandbox of “what-if” scenario analysis into your supply chain processes. With the foresight to pivot quickly, you can turn disruptions into opportunities.


Track and analyze sales representative performance and sales capacity data in real-time. Use the power of AI to optimize effective sales processes, enhance productivity and reach revenue targets. Automate resource allocation and territory planning to get a competitive advantage and increase market share.

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