IBM DeepFlash 150: Accelerating big data opportunities

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Data comes from everywhere: chatter from social networks, telemetry from the Internet of Things, streaming television episodes, online shopping transactions, and the list goes on. As this data flow increases in volume, velocity, and variety, it becomes “big data,” and it offers business transformation potential.

Analyzing big data helps enterprises to make better business decisions and predict market trends more accurately. They can also buy and sell in a more informed manner and enhance scientific research. But efficiently and cost-effectively processing and manipulating massive data sets requires higher storage performance than traditional hard disk-based storage systems can provide. This is why IBM has expanded its already broad offerings of all-flash arrays with IBM DeepFlash 150, designed for companies in need of high capacity, high density and cost-optimized all-flash arrays for big data workloads. As Eric Burgener from IDC states, “This product offering now completes the IBM all-flash portfolio across all workloads.”

In fact, industry analysts invented a new term–Big Data Flash–specifically to describe storage such as IBM DeepFlash 150. Enterprises grappling with constrained IT budgets, massive data sets and escalating storage performance requirements for their big data workloads will consider DeepFlash 150. It delivers very price-competitive, high-capacity all-flash storage and offers extremely high storage density of up to 170TB per rack unit. That’s a whopping seven petabytes of all flash in just a single industry standard rack and, when combined with IBM’s award-winning Spectrum Scale, it becomes an Exabyte-class all-flash solution. For these reasons, enterprises within industries such as financial services, healthcare, ecommerce, telecommunications, media and entertainment and cloud service providers will strongly consider deploying DeepFlash 150 storage solutions.

A case in point is Virginia Tech. Senior Director Vijay Agarwala comments: “Advanced Research Computing (ARC) at Virginia Tech provides centralized support for research computing by offering computational systems, large-scale data storage, visualization facilities, software and consulting services. ARC systems support the full spectrum of high-performance computing needs in diverse research areas such as astrophysics, bioinformatics, computational chemistry, engineering (aerospace, civil, electrical, mechanical and other disciplines), geosciences, social sciences and several other areas. We currently offer over 4 petabytes of hard disk storage running under IBM’s Spectrum Scale filesystem. After more than doubling the number of cores in our compute engines, we needed to add an all-flash tier to our filesystems to provide more IOPS and higher IO density (IOPS/GB of storage). IBM DeepFlash 150 will meet our ongoing and future needs in a cost-effective way.”

IBM DeepFlash 150 provides an essential big data building block for petabyte-scale, cost-constrained, high-density big data storage environments. It delivers the response times of an all-flash array coupled with extraordinarily competitive cost benefits. DeepFlash 150 is an ideal choice to accelerate big data, mobile and social systems of engagement, unstructured data and any other workload requiring very low latency, high capacity and sustained throughput.

DeepFlash 150 introduces breakthrough economics for active data sets. The basic DeepFlash 150 hardware platform is priced to under $1 dollar/GB. For big data deployments IBM recommends award-winning IBM Spectrum Scale with DeepFlash 150, providing customers with the overlying storage services and functionality critical for optimization of their big data workloads.

DeepFlash 150 is specifically designed to make an excellent building block for software-defined storage (SDS) infrastructures. Spectrum Scale–part of IBM’s Spectrum Storage suite of software-defined storage solutions–delivers the unified file, object and analytics support that gives customers superior resiliency, scalability and data management. With roots in high-performance computing, Spectrum Scale is the ideal choice for the 21st century file and object storage use cases where IBM DeepFlash 150 offers the greatest benefits.

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