Deploy, manage and integrate Infrastructure as a Service

The IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center is an IaaS offering that delivers an industry-standard user experience for the IaaS management of non-containerized and containerized workloads on IBM zSystems® and IBM LinuxONE.

It provides lifecycle management for the IBM z/VM® and Red Hat® KVM-based virtual infrastructure and enables the automation of infrastructure services. It also provides the capability to integrate zSystems and LinuxONE into a hybrid cloud model across your enterprise. With that, Cloud Infrastructure Center provides a foundation for scalable infrastructure management across your enterprise.


Simplified management

Efficiently manages infrastructure for compute, network, and storage resources.

Drive value faster

Automated infrastructure deployment via self-service portal provides users easy access to exploit services.

Cloud integration

Integrates seamlessly into hybrid cloud environments via OpenStack compatible APIs.

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center features

  • Efficient infrastructure management and provisioning
  • Fast deployments via image provisioning
  • Industry-standard user experience
  • Self-service portal for end users
  • Integration via OpenStack compatible APIs
  • Accelerate cloud deployments
  • New features with 1.1.6
  • New features with 1.1.5