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IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center is an advanced infrastructure management (OpenStack compatible) software that includes on-premises cloud deployments of IBM z/VM®- and KVM-based Linux® virtual machines on the IBM Z® and LinuxONE platforms.

The IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering that delivers an industry-standard user experience for the IaaS management of non-containerized and containerized workloads, IBM Z and LinuxONE.

It provides lifecycle management for the virtual infrastructure that is based on IBM z/VM and Red Hat® KVM and enables the automation of infrastructure services. It also provides the capability to integrate IBM Z and LinuxONE into a hybrid cloud model across your enterprise. 

What's new

Updates and features for IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

Benefits Simplify management

Manage infrastructure for compute, network and storage resources in an efficient manner.

Drive value faster

Experience easy access to services with automate infrastructure deployment via self-service portal.

Enable cloud integration

Use built-in OpenStack-compatible APIs to enable easy integration with cloud management tools.

Use cases Empower how you deploy, manage and integrate infrastructure as a service Read the Cloud Infrastructure Center white paper Deployment of on-premises database-as-a-service

Select a database and automate deployments in an as-a-service model at scale. The administrator can create a service that deploys a Linux distribution plus a database; the user can use this service to deploy a database on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE.

Deployment support of Red Hat OpenShift clusters

Support to help simplify and automate Red Hat OpenShift® cluster deployments. A Red Hat OpenShift image can be deployed into a virtual machine that is based on z/VM or Red Hat KVM, like any other image.

IaaS management

Empower service providers to accelerate the deployment of Linux images in a virtual environment, integrate the environment across the enterprise via the built-in OpenStack-compatible APIs and thereby reduce cost and complexity.

Simplified experience with virtualization

Leverage industry standard-based and vendor-agnostic technology for simplified IaaS management to deliver a major step toward simplifying the management of virtualized infrastructure.

New features with 1.2.2

Offers enhancements in the storage management, e.g., an advanced scheduler for volume creation and boot-from-volume. Other enhancement examples are the two new roles for managing security and network, the attachment/detachment of virtual NICs to/from virtual machines, and several items to improve the user experience.

Explore what's new from release 1.2.2

Features with 1.2.1

Offers enhancements in the areas of FCP device management improving the administrator efficiency, remote console access for better availability, HiperSockets support for better performance and several items to improve the day-to-day operation.

Explore what's new from release 1.2.1

Efficient infrastructure management and provisioning

Delivers fundamental compute, network and storage resources to consumers on-demand, enabling the ability to scale and shrink resources as needed, as well as provisioning of Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical Linux distributions, and support to simplify and automate Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster deployments.

Industry-standard user experience and self-service portal

Provides industry-standard user experience to define, deploy and manage the lifecycle of virtual infrastructure for all types of containerized and non-containerized workloads; to automate via a self-service portal; and to integrate across the enterprise. Users can easily provision predefined workload instances. As an example, MongoDB can be part of predefined instances for easy and fast deployments.

Integration via OpenStack compatible APIs

Offers built-in OpenStack-compatible APIs to enable vendor-agnostic IaaS management and easy integration to cloud management tools, such as IBM Cloud Paks®, Red Hat tooling, VMware vRealize Automation and others, without platform-specific skill requirements.

Explore Cloud Infrastructure Center APIs
Technical details

Review the hardware and software requirements for your IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center environment.

Explore all hardware and software requirements
Requirements for z/VM system

Get a consolidated view of the hardware and software requirements for z/VM system.

Requirements for RHEL KVM system

Get a consolidated view of the hardware and software requirements for RHEL KVM.

Resources Get started guide

Step-by-step instructions to help you install, perform administrator tasks and integrate with cloud tools.

Frequently asked questions

Explore FAQs for each release of IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center and learn more information on use cases and capabilities.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Choose a hybrid cloud, enterprise Kubernetes platform to build and deliver better applications faster.

Reduce costs and complexity

Discover how IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center supports the CIO Office to reduce the costs and complexity in managing a hybrid cloud environment.

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