Why LinuxONE?

Your clients ask the impossible. Why not give it to them? With the right platform you can deliver exceptional digital experiences through premium cloud services that are secure, fast and ready for growth. IBM LinuxONE systems are engineered for the industry’s most secure data serving, with faster throughput, even when you have massive and unpredictable transaction volumes and large database sizes.

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Hear how clients are delivering premium cloud services securely with speed and scale – while maintaining operational excellence.

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The industry’s best security

Protect your data with unique Secure Service Containers and crypto cards on the industry’s most secure platform

Engineered to move data

Send data where it needs to be, faster without hogging resources using dedicated I/O processing

Instant scale

Growing? Get over 2x more throughput on a system that can support 2M Docker containers, and scale up MongoDB to 17TB

Meet the Linux systems

LinuxONE Emperor II

Deliver exceptional digital experiences through premium cloud services. Protect data, run at lightning speed, and scale massively and instantly.

LinuxONE Rockhopper

Need a smaller footprint and investment? Get it with the highest data security on a cloud ready platform and lower TCO over x86.

See what’s possible with LinuxONE

Blockchain demands a secure platform

Sure, it’s buzz-worthy. For it to be disruptive, it must be trusted. To be trusted, it must be secure. IBM LinuxONE systems have been designed with special capabilities to deliver the highest level of protection for blockchain implementations that live or die on the level of trust participants place in the deployment.

Savings – with performance and security

Server sprawl and x86 distributed systems can cost you in more ways than one. Cost, complexity and capacity can all limit your ability to say “yes” to the business. Consolidating your servers to LinuxONE gives you more security, speed and readiness for growth – so you don’t have to make either / or choices for your data center.

Explore enterprise Linux solutions

From analytics to DBaaS, see how you can harness the potential of open source with LinuxONE – and tackle your toughest IT infrastructure challenges.

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