What is z/VM?

IBM® z/VM® is a highly secure and scalable hypervisor and virtualization technology for cloud infrastructure and for running critical applications. It supports Linux®, z/OS®, z/VSE® and z/TPF, and Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform (link resides outside of ibm.com) on IBM Z® and LinuxONE servers. IBM z/VM can host up to thousands of virtual servers on a single system.

What’s new for z/VM?

IBM z/VM 7.3 will double the maximum size of a Single System Image (SSI) cluster from four members to eight, will allow NVMe SSD adapters to be accessed as one or more EDEVICEs, and will include an Architecture Level Set that requires a z14 or LinuxONE II server and higher. 


Hybrid cloud capabilities

IBM z/VM, together with Linux, Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud® Paks on IBM Z and LinuxONE provides a highly scalable, secure and efficient on-premises cloud infrastructure for a hybrid multicloud architecture.

Built to build the future of business

IBM® z16™ delivers breakthrough technologies for AI and cyber resiliency to accelerate decision velocity, protect against threats across your business, and modernize for hybrid cloud.

Key virtualization features of z/VM software

z/VM Single System Image

This clustering technology helps reduce planned outages and balance workloads across z/VM systems.

z/VM Performance Toolkit

This toolkit provides enhanced capabilities to monitor and report performance data.


IBM Directory Maintenance (DirMaint™) for z/VM helps manage the zVM user directory.

Additional software and solutions

Systems management software

Manage z/VM and Linux systems with a complete solution

Simplify infrastructure management of z/VM-based Linux virtual machines

Automate and monitor your z/VM systems and its guests

Backup and protection solutions

Protect and manage tape

Back up z/VM data safely

Storage for virtualization

How to deploy Linux servers on z/VM

System programmers and administrators
Discover how to configure and use z/VM functions and facilities for Linux on IBM Z.


VM product education

IBM Skills Gateway

Live virtual classes