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Security-rich and scalable hypervisor and virtualization technology
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IBM z/VM® is an operating system with security-rich and scalable hypervisor and virtualization technology designed to run guest servers such as Linux®, z/OS® and z/TPF virtual machines as well as Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Z® and LinuxONE servers.

IBM z/VM is designed to run hundreds to thousands of guest servers on a single IBM Z server or IBM LinuxONE server (where only Linux and z/VM guests are supported) with the highest degrees of efficiency and elasticity.

The ability of z/VM to support multiple machine images and architectures provides a highly flexible production and test environment for IBM Z and LinuxONE operating systems to:

  • simplify migration from one release to another.
  • facilitate the transition to newer applications.
  • provide a test environment whenever one is needed.
  • consolidate many systems onto one physical server.
Introducing z/VM 7.4

z/VM 7.4 is pre-announced, explore the features and functions.

z/VM continuous delivery updates

Benefits A fundamental strength of z/VM is the ability for virtual machines to share system resources with very high levels of resource utilization. z/VM provides extreme scalability, security and efficiency to create opportunities for cost savings, while providing a robust foundation for cognitive computing on the IBM Z and LinuxONE platforms. Foundation for cloud computing

Realize the benefits of on-premises cloud computing as part of hybrid cloud.

IT efficiency

Run up to thousands of Linux and container workloads for extreme scalability and efficiency.

Continuous operation

Help achieve continuous availability by integrating with IBM resiliency-focused offerings.

Single systems image

Share and coordinate resources within a single systems image to reduce planned outages and balance workloads across z/VM systems.

z/VM Single System Image Overview

Performance toolkit

Take advantage of enhanced capabilities for monitoring, managing and viewing performance data of multiple z/VM systems. 

z/VM Performance Toolkit

Directory maintenance

Add, delete or alter statements to your VM user directory with automated validation to reduce errors. 

IBM Directory Maintenance for z/VM

Security resources

Know the latest service updates, news, resources and best practices for protecting your z/VM and guest systems. 

z/VM Security and Integrity Resources

Performance Data Pump

Extract real-time performance data and send it to enterprise observability products for visualization and analysis.

IBM z/VM Performance Data Pump
Technical details
Hardware and storage requirements

There are general hardware and storage requirements for installing and operating z/VM® 7.3, and some z/VM facilities have additional hardware requirements. 

Explore the requirements
Software requirements

IBM z/VM 7.3 has prerequisite licensed programs, and some z/VM facilities might have additional program requirements.

Explore the requirements

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Get started

How to deploy Linux servers on IBM z/VM Get expert guidance on how to configure and use z/VM functions and facilities for Linux on IBM Z. Read the guide Explore Linux on IBM Z

Systems management software add-ons

IBM Infrastructure Suite

Manage z/VM and Linux systems with a complete solution.

Explore the add-on

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

Simplify infrastructure management of z/VM-based Linux virtual machines. 

Explore the add-on

IBM Operations Manager

Automate and monitor your z/VM systems and its guests.

Explore the add-on


View system performance data to manage complex environments more effectively.

Explore the add-on
Backup and protection solutions add-ons

IBM Tape Manager for z/VM

Manage, monitor and protect your tape devices, tape volumes and tape mount requests.

Explore the add-on

IBM Backup and Restore Manager

Back up and restore files and data on z/VM systems and images of non-z/VM guest systems. 

Explore the add-on

More add-ons

Discover more. Check other z/VM-related products, tools and technologies. 

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Resources z/VM frequently asked questions

Get answers to z/VM frequently asked questions.

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