Keep your z/VM data safe and available

Back up and restore files and data on z/VM® systems and images of non-z/VM guest systems such as Linux®. IBM® Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM makes your data available using simplified facilities for files, minidisks, Shared File System (SFS) file spaces and full system data backups and restores. It can perform backup and restore functions more efficiently by optimizing operations for each data type. It also provides a flexible file selection with support for wildcard characters and supports backups to disk, physical tape or virtual tape. It is available as a single offering and as part of IBM Infrastructure Suite for z/VM and Linux.


Expand your options

Provides optional compression services during data backup, and includes exit points for encryption capabilities.

Work with tape and storage

Integrates with IBM Tape Manager for z/VM when backups to physical or virtual tape are required, and complements IBM Spectrum Protect, which provides file-level backup of Linux data.

Support a range of media and backups

Restores files to mixed media (CMS files to SFS, SFS to CMS; CMS and SFS to virtual reader). Supports file-level backups of z/VM data, image-level of z/VM minidisks and z/VM and Linux DASD volumes.

Use your own data encryption routines

Using exit points provided, perform data encryption during backup and data decryption throughout restore operations. You can also use routines from vendors such as V/Soft Software's Encrypt/Backup.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.