What Operations Manager for z/VM can do for your business

IBM® Operations Manager for z/VM® supports automated operational monitoring and management of z/VM virtual machines and Linux® guests. It can help you address issues before they impact your service level agreements.
Systems programmers and administrators can automate routine maintenance tasks in response to system alerts. Users can easily debug problems by viewing and interacting with consoles for service machines and Linux guests. Operators have the ability to better interpret messages and determine corrective actions.


Automated response to issues

Create automated actions in response to console messages on z/VM service machines and Linux guests – respond to specific issues when they arise.

Advanced monitoring

Gain monitoring and management of spool files and monitoring of page space.

Automate tasks

Use scheduled events to perform tasks at specific times or off-shift without manual intervention.

Rule-specific issues check

Define rules that specify what problems or types of issues to look for among your z/VM service machines and Linux guests.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.