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IT automation software from IBM Z® plays a crucial role in providing high-end solutions that monitor, control and automate an extensive range of system elements across your enterprise's hardware and software resources.

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IT automation portfolio

The following list organizes the IT automation capabilities for IBM Z into different product categories, such as performance observability, resiliency, monitoring, data migration and systems management.

Performance observability products

IBM Z IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS®

An advanced performance analysis software for IBM Z systems that enables flexible data analysis through custom, no-code visualizations, empowering analysts to identify risks and optimize workloads. It modernizes mainframe performance analysis with next-level intelligence.

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IBM zSystems™ Integration for Observability

A suite of stand-alone OMEGAMON® agents that together delivers new data integration and user interfaces.

The suite includes IBM Z OMEGAMON Integration Monitor, IBM Service Management Unite, IBM Z ChatOps and more.

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Resiliency products

IBM Z Batch Resiliency

A tool that automates the analysis, backup and restoration of batch application data to enhance operational resiliency and mitigate business risks. It offers an inventory of data usage and backups, with automation features to swiftly recover batch data for operational or disaster recovery scenarios. Also, it generates reports that outline the usage and relationships of batch applications and data.

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A suite of disaster recovery and resiliency software for IBM Z. IBM GDPS oversees the storage subsystem and remote copy configuration across heterogeneous platforms, automates IBM Parallel Sysplex® operational tasks and executes failure recovery from a single point of control.

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Monitoring products

IBM Operations Manager for z/VM®

IBM Operations Manager for z/VM is designed to improve the monitoring and management of z/VM systems and Linux® guests. This is accomplished by automating routine maintenance tasks, sending alerts based on situations or thresholds and automatically responding to situations that require intervention.

Systems programmers and administrators can automate routine maintenance tasks in response to system alerts. Users can easily debug problems by viewing and interacting with consoles for service machines and Linux guests. Operators are able to better interpret messages and determine corrective actions.

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IBM Z Monitoring Suite

A suite of software that offers real-time and historical infrastructure performance observability across various platforms, including z/OS, networks, storage subsystems and various other IBM software.

IBM Z Monitoring Suite includes IBM Service Management UniteIBM Resource Measurement FacilityIBM Z ChatOpsvarious OMEGAMON agents and more.

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IBM Z Software Asset Management

An asset discovery, monitoring and reporting software to help understand IBM Z and third-party product and application usage. 

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Data migration products

IBM z/OS Data Set Mobility Facility

A host-based, nondisruptive data migration solution that swiftly moves critical, allocated mainframe data sets. It simplifies the management of large migrations and helps ensure continuous availability of applications online.

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System management products

IBM Z Service Automation Suite

A single point of control for a broad range of systems management functions including automation, network management and workload scheduling. 

The suite is a simply priced, easy-to-order package and consists of IBM Z System Automation, IBM Z NetView, IBM Z Workload Scheduler, IBM Service Management Unite, IBM Z ChatOps and more.

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IBM Z System Automation

A NetView-based application that provides a single control point for a full range of system management functions. 

IBM Z System Automation, with its tight integration with Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS), offers sophisticated disaster recovery capabilities for IBM Z systems.

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IBM Service Management Unite

A customizable dashboard interface that brings mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment. 

IBM Service Management Unite is a free-of-charge component available with IBM Z Service Management SuiteIBM Z Service Automation SuiteIBM Z System Automation, IBM Z NetView™ and IBM Z Monitoring Suite.

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IBM Z NetView

This software provides an extensive set of tools to manage and maintain complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform networks and systems from a single point of control. It serves as a core component of both the IBM Z Service Management Suite and the IBM Z Service Automation Suite.

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IBM Z Service Management Suite

A single-user interface to monitor and automate critical business workloads that run on the IBM Z platform.

The IBM Z Service Management Suite includes IBM Service Management UniteIBM Z NetViewIBM Z System AutomationIBM Z ChatOps and various OMEGAMON agents.

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IBM Z Workload Scheduler

A workload automation solution that enables organizations to automate, plan and control the processing of complex system workloads. It centrally manages workflows across multiple platforms and business applications from a single control point.

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Use chatbot to query Z system health, manage resources and issue commands on connected z/OS systems.

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