IBM Z Service Management Suite
Use a comprehensive management suite to monitor, collaborate, automate, manage network and workloads in the z/OS environment
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Take an integrated approach to operational excellence

IBM® Z® Service Management Suite offers a single point of control for
systems management functions for many system elements. This suite
delivers multiple AIOps capabilities required to manage both hardware
and software enterprise resources in an IBM Systems complex. Achieve
operational excellence with policy-based automation, maximizing
availability of IBM Z® systems and IBM Parallel Sysplex® clusters and
optimizing key IT operations objectives.

Leverage IBM OMEGAMON® to extend monitoring and observability to
manage the health of the IBM Z platform with product-provided best
practices and expert advice. Improve team collaboration by channeling
mainframe performance events and metrics to local chat tools and
manage performance and tasks in a single service management console.
Publish IBM OMEGAMON metrics to open AI platforms such as IBM Instana™ ,Elastic Stack®, Splunk® and Prometheus®.

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Benefits Enhance productivity

Take advantage of comprehensive performance management capabilities to enhance the productivity of IBM Z systems. Manage your entire infrastructure from a single console.

Collaborate to resolve problems

Reduce problem resolution time by improving cross-team collaboration enabling ChatOps tool integrated into Slack, Microsoft® Teams™, or Mattermost®.

Get proactive operational insights

Enable IT teams to proactively identify common operational issues and define essential alert thresholds with OMEGAMON AI Insights.

Simplify management

Bring performance and automation data from disparate sources into a single interface with IBM Service Management Unite. Forward detailed metrics to additional tools.

Optimize your network

Identify slow performing connections and high latency in network performance, in real-time and near-term-history, with enhanced network monitoring.

Reduce costs

Quickly identify z/OS® software inventory to reduce costs and minimize compliance risk. Consolidate software licenses and gain an integrated experience for monitoring, automation and asset discovery.

Operate from a single interface

Manage and control applications running on multiple Parallel Sysplexes and Linux® with IBM Service Management Unite. You get a single point of control using modern, customizable dashboards to monitor and operate your applications. You can directly interact with system logs and NetView Canzlog to filter messages and execute commands. Your users can run it on their mobile devices.

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Manage the health of the Z platform

Gain real-time and historical performance and availability management with IBM
OMEGAMON, delivering an overview of the health of the IBM z/OS operating
system, networks, storage subsystems, Java™ runtimes, IBM Db2® on z/OS, IBM
CICS®, IBM IMS, IBM MQ for z/OS, IBM Integration Bus for z/OS, IBM App
Connect Enterprise on IBM Z and IBM WebSphere® Liberty servers. Detect
bottlenecks in code, server resources or external dependencies. Monitor new
applications and reduce steps to identify root cause of performance issues.

Enable machine learning to proactively identify common operational issues using
OMEGAMON data. Visualize IBM OMEGAMON metrics in IBM Instana and
stream to open-source platforms such as Elastic Stack, Splunk and

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Enable collaborative problem analysis and resolution with IBM Z ChatOps

ChatOps is a model that integrates people, tools and processes into a collaboration platform so that teams can efficiently communicate and easily manage the flow of their work. IBM Z ChatOps provides support for IBM Z environments by including a chatbot that gives users access to information from IBM Z systems management tools directly into Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Mattermost. Easily notify the IT operations team about alerts from IBM Z applications. ChatOps also integrates with Service Management Unite for broad access to IBM Z data to enable chat users to drill-down into OMEGAMON web-based dashboards to view performance information. With IBM Z ChatOps, accelerate incident resolution and enable faster onboarding of next-gen IBM Z operators.

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Use a comprehensive suite of tools and functions

Get key capabilities and advanced functions related to networking and automation, enhanced enterprise integration, customer time-to-value and ease-of-use, as well as management functions that work in cooperation with other products. You gain support for heterogeneous networks that include both Systems Network Architecture (SNA) and TCP/IP and support for changing network and system requirements that exist on IBM Z systems.

Minimize your compliance risk

Automatically discover and identify IBM and third-party software running on the z/OS platform. High speed scanning and in-house application tagging helps maintain a complete inventory of everything on your system without a lot of overhead. You can monitor software usage and related growth to proactively plan for future capacity needs.

Improve resiliency with policy-based automation

Maximize the availability of IBM Z systems hardware and applications on IBM
Parallel Sysplex clusters through flexible, cluster-wide, policy-based self-healing.
Optimize application health and system performance by using System Automation's goal driven and policy-based automation. With System Automation and NetView included in IBM Z Service Management Suite, you have an easy upgrade path to an advanced application disaster recovery capability using IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex.

Status Display Facility (SDF) updates can be streamed to Apache Kafka, enabling integration with additional consumers through this message-based middleware.

Access z/OS data with IBM Z Common Data Provider

IBM Z Common Data Provider provides the infrastructure for accessing IT operational data from z/OS systems and streaming it to the analytics platform in a consumable format. It is a single data provider for sources of both structured and unstructured data.

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Set up Apache Kafka for IBM Z

Apache Kafka is an open-source distributed event streaming platform used for high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration and mission- critical applications.

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Gain visibility with IBM Z Resource Discovery Data Service

Discovered topology service helps users quickly visualize and correlate anomalous activity across their z/OS subsystems and applications. When IBM Z events and topology are consumed by the IBM Cloud Pak® for AIOps, they can be correlated with events from the rest of the enterprise, helping users more quickly determine the incident impacts and the root cause of operational issues across their hybrid applications. Deliver improved security, support for PostgreSQL connect for Apache Kafka containers.

Leverage IBM Tivoli Management Services on z/OS

IBM Tivoli® Management Services on z/OS provides the base infrastructure for security, data transfer and storage, notification mechanisms, user interface presentation and communication services for all IBM OMEGAMON products. Save time and simplify maintenance by deploying the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS) container component on IBM Z.

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