IBM Z Service Management Suite

Use a comprehensive management suite to monitor, collaborate, automate and manage network and workloads in the z/OS® environment

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IBM Z® Service Management Suite offers a single point of control to monitor and automate critical business workloads that run on the IBM Z platform.

This suite delivers multiple AIOps capabilities that are required to manage both hardware and software enterprise resources in an IBM® Systems complex. Achieve operational excellence with policy-based automation, maximizing availability of IBM Z systems and IBM Parallel Sysplex® clusters and optimizing key IT operations objectives.

The IBM Z Service Management Suite includes the following component products:

  • IBM OMEGAMON® for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS
  • IBM OMEGAMON for IMS on z/OS
  • IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS
  • IBM OMEGAMON for Storage on z/OS
  • IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks
  • IBM Z OMEGAMON Integration Monitor
  • IBM Service Management Unite Enterprise Edition
  • IBM Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics on z/OS
  • IBM Tivoli Management Services on z/OS
  • IBM Z ChatOps
  • IBM Z Common Data Provider with Apache Kafka
  • IBM Z NetView®
  • IBM Z Resource Discovery Data Service
  • IBM Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service
  • IBM Z Software Asset Management
  • IBM Z System Automation
Upgrading from 2.4.x

Upgrade to IBM Z Service Management Suite 3.1.x from version 2.4.x

What's new

Updates to automation features and components

Benefits Enhance productivity

Take advantage of comprehensive performance management capabilities to enhance the productivity of IBM Z systems. Manage your entire infrastructure from a single console.

Collaborate to resolve problems

Reduce problem resolution time by improving cross-team collaboration enabling ChatOps tool integrated into Slack, Microsoft® Teams™ or Mattermost®.

Get proactive operational insights

Enable IT teams to proactively identify common operational issues and define essential alert thresholds with OMEGAMON AI Insights.

Simplify management

Bring performance and automation data from disparate sources into a single interface with IBM Service Management Unite. Forward detailed metrics to additional tools.

Optimize your network

Identify slow-performing connections and high latency in network performance in real-time and near-term history with enhanced network monitoring.

Reduce costs

Quickly identify z/OS® software inventory to reduce costs and minimize compliance risk. Consolidate software licenses and gain an integrated experience for monitoring, automation and asset discovery.

Features Get system and resource level automation, performance monitoring capabilities and discovery capabilities that are required to manage the z/OS system and all key subsystems. Automate system and network operations

Use the data collected by the monitoring tools to automate system and network operations. This can reduce the amount of manual intervention that is required to manage operating systems, subsystems, application programs, network devices, and many other products.

Monitor performance and APIs

Monitor your z/OS environment performance middleware such as CICS®, IMS and Db2®, JVMs and applications. All API requests are processed within IBM z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition, and details on the system of record are available for viewing.

Apply machine learning to performance data for operational insights

Enable OMEGAMON AI Insights to detect and visualize performance anomalies within z/OS components and applications. It draws its intelligence from sophisticated machine learning algorithms that analyze data collected by OMEGAMON monitoring agents.

Stream operational and performance data to open-platforms

Enable monitoring data streaming to multiple open source platforms such as IBM Instana™, IBM Cloud Pak® for AIOps, Elastic Stack, Splunk, Kafka, Prometheus and others.

Manage your z/OS network

Monitor and manage your z/OS network environment, including OSAs and HiperSockets adapters, IP and SNA devices, connections, DVIPA, Telnet servers and ports, packet traces and sysplexes. This is to help ensure the high availability of your network resources.

Operate from a single user interface

Triage alerts and take corrective actions, including issuing system commands and viewing results without going to a different console. 

Resolve problems collaboratively from a chat tool

Enable collaborative problem resolution for your IBM Z environment by providing a chatbot that can be integrated into Slack or Mattermost.

Easily discover assets

Discover assets and increase the visibility of your installed products to help optimize product usage.

Products included in the suite


Manage the health of the Z platform, a comprehensive performance and availability solution to proactively analyze and manage operating systems, databases or other environments for optimal performance.

The OMEGAMON products that are included in the suite are:

Explore IBM OMEGAMON benefits Try OMEGAMON for JVM free

Service Management Unite Enterprise Edition

It is a web-based dashboard user interface that brings mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment.

It helps with integrated visibility into mainframe operations to monitor system health and reduce problem determination and resolution times with IBM OMEGAMON, IBM Z System Automation, IBM Z NetView, IBM Z Workload Scheduler and IBM Z Operations Analytics.

Explore Service Management Unite Enterprise Edition Try it free

Tivoli Management Services on z/OS

An integrated, layered architecture consisting of data access, communication and presentation components that enable cross-platform operation and integration of enterprise-wide data for systems-management applications.

The software foundation supports the development and operations of the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server, the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server and Tivoli Enterprise Portal and their Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agents.

Explore Tivoli Management Services components

Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics on z/OS

Assures the availability and performance of critical business applications and services by comprehensively monitoring the health and performance of the underlying server resources. 

It proactively alerts administrators of health and performance problems, provides real-time metrics for problem diagnosis and collects historical metrics for reporting and capacity trending. 

Explore IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics

Z ChatOps

It provides chatbot capabilities that give users access to the information from Z systems management tools, such as IBM Z System Automation and IBM OMEGAMON, within popular collaboration platforms like Slack.

It can notify the operations team in the chat platform about IBM Z events, including recommendations powered by machine learning, to help isolate and resolve problems quickly.

Explore IBM Z ChatOps Try it free

Z Common Data Provider with Apache Kafka

It provides the infrastructure for accessing IT operational data from z/OS systems and streaming it to the analytics platform in a consumable format.

It is a single data provider for sources of both structured and unstructured data, and it can provide a near real-time data feed of z/OS operational data, such as System Management Facilities (SMF) data, OMEGAMON data and z/OS log data to your analytics platform.

Explore IBM Z Common Data Provider with Apache Kafka

Z NetView

A comprehensive, mainframe-based management for maintaining complex, heterogeneous networks and systems (multi-protocol, multi-vendor, multiplatform).

Key capabilities and advanced functions include networking and automation and enhanced enterprise integration and customer time-to-value.

Explore IBM Z NetView

Z Resource Discovery Data Service

A containerized component that creates rapid, graphical analysis to discover the relationships among Z systems resources.

It is used for understanding resources that run on IBM Z and provides a standard graph API for resource dependencies. 

Explore IBM Z Resource Discovery Data Service

Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service

A React UI component that primarily provides network-style graphs. Consumers of IBM Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service can import it as a node library and configure through its interface. You can feed data to the component by implementing and registering a data provider.

Explore IBM Z Resource Discovery Visualization Service

Z Software Asset Management

It is built on the concept of remote and central mainframe components that work together to produce reports on z/OS mainframe products and their usage. It runs on z/Architecture® mainframes that use the z/OS operating system.

Explore IBM Z Software Asset Management

Z System Automation

A policy-based high-availability solution that maximizes the efficiency and availability of critical systems and applications.

By using IBM Z System Automation, you can implement policy-based automation solutions and reduce Parallel Sysplex management costs.

Explore IBM Z System Automation
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Learn how to discover Java performance problems, identify Java heap and garbage collection problems, identify cause of throughput degradation, check z/OS Connect EE API response times and identify z/OS virtual storage issues.

IBM Service Management Unite Automation trial

Learn how to get started with the IBM Service Management Unite console, work with IBM Z System Automation resources and work with IBM Z NetView resources.

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Learn how to get started with IBM Z ChatOps commands, work on an IBM OMEGAMON issue and work with IBM Z System Automation resources.

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