Take an integrated approach to operational excellence

IBM® Z® Service Management Suite offers a single point of control for systems management functions for many system elements. The suite covers both hardware and software enterprise resources in an IBM systems complex. It can help you achieve operational excellence by maximizing availability of IBM Z systems and IBM Parallel Sysplex® clusters and optimizing key IT operations objectives.


Minimize risk

Gain a complete picture of your IBM Z environment and its dependencies to handle the complexities of a hybrid cloud implementation.

Collaborative problem resolution

Reduce problem resolution time by improving cross-team collaboration with a ChatOps tool integrated into Slack or Mattermost.

Enhance productivity

Take advantage of comprehensive performance management capabilities to enhance the productivity of IBM Z systems. Manage your entire network from a single console.

Simplify management

Bring performance and automation data from disparate sources into a single interface with IBM Service Management Unite.

Optimize your network

Identify slow performing connections and high latency in network performance, in real-time and near-term-history, with enhanced network monitoring.

Reduce costs

Quickly identify z/OS software inventory to reduce costs and minimize compliance risk. Consolidate software licenses and gain an integrated experience for monitoring, automation and asset discovery.

Request trial for Z Service Management Unite

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IBM Z Service Management Suite features

  • Operate from a single interface
  • Maximize efficiency with a powerful, integrated tool set
  • Integrates with Z ChatOps
  • Comprehensive suite of tools and functions
  • Minimize your compliance risk
  • Optimize performance with policy-based automation