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What is IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps?

Innovate faster, reduce operational cost and transform IT operations (ITOps) across a changing landscape with an AIOps platform that delivers visibility into performance data and dependencies across environments. Embrace artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to help ITOps managers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) address incident management and remediation.

If you’re looking for IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight or any previous IBM IT management offerings, IBM Cloud Pak® for AIOps is the latest development of your current entitlement.

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Understand the business context and impact of an IT incident with IBM Cloud Pak for AIOps
Benefits Automate, predict, and remediate with modern AI-powered incident management. Contextualize data

Empower organizations by contextualizing data and providing actionable insights for effective decision-making.

Proactive recommendations

Drive faster incident resolution and diagnosis and deliver proactive recommendations based on advanced analytics and machine learning.

Collaborative problem solving

Foster teamwork and enhance problem-solving capabilities by leveraging collaborative features that enable seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams.

Automate provisioning

Streamline operations and save time with automated provisioning capabilities, enabling efficient resource allocation and management.

Flexible deployment

Benefit from the flexibility of multiple deployment options, allowing organizations to choose the environment that best suits their needs, whether on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

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Cross-domain data ingestion and integration Simplify data configuration and leverage automation tools for connecting to various systems, ingesting and analyzing data from multiple domains, tools, and sources in real-time or historically.
Topology generation Gain control over dynamic infrastructure, enabling periodic assembly of unified IT asset topologies, providing visibility into applications and resources with real-time or historical data for effective incident pinpointing.
Event correlation and compression Reduce event overload with event correlation and compression. Leverage event analytics to group, enrich, suppress, and visualize events based on user-defined attributes. Use time, topology, and behavior patterns for efficient incident management.

AI-accelerated operations Reduce MTTR using multiple AI models enabling operations teams to understand and diagnose an incident. Access unsupervised training and easy to use model management tools. Visualize correlated incident alerts, metrics, topology and recommended runbooks within a single management console, while ChatOps integration ensures communication and coordination with critical team members.

Augmented remediation Detect anomalies and establish baselines, leveraging AI models for automatic anomaly detection, deep insights, and explainability, accelerating remediation through Next Best Action recommendations, automated runbooks, and proactive risk avoidance.

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